An Arctic Taiga


What do you think about this Mashup between the Arctic Biome and @TobiasSabathius 's Taiga Biome ?


I love it! Make sure you get Tobias’s permission to reuse things from his mod though!


Nice work @Stauder02 :merry:


All for personal use at the moment, though i did ask hime if i could use his biomes settings


tweaked some options and when tested i got that sweet Geyser on a moutain peek, the taiga config making them small it gives it some nice look


How do i have to edit the gen so trees on plains only spawn arround water ?


yup i like it, love those ICE mountain chains
this one just above a long river @BrunoSupremo


After some edits, now enjoying the seasons color palett making the foothills look like real hills
with some more plains it looks a bit Rohan 'ish


Some edits to make hill wider and mountains peeks lower, now that i tryed out the seasons i thought that the snowy trees should be rare under mountain level




This looks really, really good!


Thank you !!

just saving a seed here (538606814)