Question about the modding rules

Hiya! I am, and have been for some spread out times, been making an Inuit / Sami faction mod.

Now, it didn’t strike me until I got a bit too attached to the idea, that they’ll have to reside in deserts, forests, or other mod biomes, rather than the logical cold, winter, arctic (etc) biome, because that is a planned feature.

So, my question is; What am I supposed to do now?
Give up on the idea?
Come up with something slightly similar, that’s still got snow?
Beg and plead for an exception?

They’ve already got snow shoes, for crying out loud!

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The team had no objections when RepeatPan and I created the Frostfeast mod.

We created our own winter biome then - in a somewhat semi-official capacity.

Just ask the development team :slight_smile: As long as its not on their immediate agenda, they shouldn’t have any objections.

@brad - @sdee?

Is bumping this allowed? If not, whoops! :smiley:

@zombieslime the devs are currently on EVO, so they might not answer until Wednesday :slight_smile:

I see! Thanks for the info!

@Froggy - thanks as well!

Devs? :3 @brad @sdee

Sorry – as noted, we’ve all been away, and have been knee-deep in preparing for tonight’s 200th Twitch stream.

Yes, an arctic biome (which will be the natural home of the Northern Alliance kingdom) is a planned feature. So we would ask that such an environment (/ice/snow/tundra) not be offered as part of your mod (the Inuit faction sounds really cool, though!).

You can go ahead and add snow and similar features to your mod. As Froggy mentioned, last year’s Frostfeast mod was “official” (though created by him and RepeatPan); it did offer snow and other winter-related features, although the biome involved was essentially a snow-blanketed temperate biome.

We don’t have an estimated delivery time for the Northern Alliance and the arctic biome… but perhaps if you focus first on the faction development, you’ll be able to fit them nicely into the biome when it does arrive? Don’t give up on the idea, though!


Very well, I’m going to keep making the faction things, and when it’s done -which will most likely be a while from now, considering I’ve never made mods for, well, anything before-, I’ll check on the status of the arctic biome!

Thanks for the info! <3

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