Stonehearth Canada Edition-The First Texture Pack v1.0

I decided to make a texture pack called Stonehearth Canada Edition. The nice thing about texture packs is that you can still change how the game looks, without coding! Here are some screenshots of the pack:

I will post the download sometime soon, when I edit the trees. Feedback is welcome! No racism intended, I’m Canadian too!


Why can’t you upload .zip files? .obj, .lua, .qmo, but no .zip? Lol

Hey @not_owen_wilson, it’s just like home!


Lol. Does Radiant care if we make texture packs like this? Meaning is it ok to redistribute the textures?(.qb files)

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we asked the discourse team… but if you think about it, there’s the potential to hide all sorts of malicious nasty stuff in .zips… :wink:

i cant imagine one reason why they would… other than the fact that @Tom dislikes Canadians… im just sayin

p.s. love the textures!! :+1:


For trees I recommend you do this to add more texture to them you should also probably change the flowers into piles of snow :smiley:


**** yeah! a snowy mod :3 love it already!

I really like this but right now its really just generic to the arctic so scandinavia etc.)

Damnit… I swear there was a really great seasons mod somewhere, but I just cannot seem to find it. Anyway, if you happen to find it, I think they did a great job with snow and you can maybe take some inspiration from that!

Also, and more obviously… Your standard needs to look like a canadian flag!

can you make scrunchy noises when they walk over the snow? :slight_smile:

none of these, correct?

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According to the kickstarter page the final game is going to have seasons, which I would imagine include winter with snow, as well the achieved $180,000 stretch goal was glacier biomes. But this is still a cool addition to the Alpha.

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Thanks for all the ideas! This is just the 1st version, so I will look into thos other mods and see how they did the textures. I like the crunchy snow sound idea. If that’s possible with editing stonehearth.smod. We may have to wait until the official modding api is done. It is definitely on the way!

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my idea is add the egyptian mod and canada texture pack oooooohh snow dessert


Yes! We’re all for it. One day (like, after we finish writing the game) we hope to have a good repository with rating systems, etc, but for now, you’re welcome to distribute as you like. @Warstories has a section up for mods (I think) on Stonehearth Kingdom, for example.


Ok thanks! 20 characters

I had an idea. If you can rename a .zip to .smod and sill use it, couldn’t I rename a .zip to .txt and upload it here? Or would that break it?

Yep! SHK was established with the sole purpose of hosting mods and other such downloads!

To elaborate for you @Nicedude80 we allow unlimited revisions of your mod to be stored on our server, have no bandwidth throttling, or limits on uploads and downloads. We also have a rating system, review system, powerful servers, download statistics and more!

If you have any problems you can PM me on the Discourse, or SHK! :thumbsup:


I believe if you want to share it, other users e.g. @Miturion @Avairian have been uploading it to Google Drive. Or I think Dropbox would work. I think if you make it a .txt it will probably break and not work at all :smile: I think it’s fair enough on the security issues, just means Discourse isn’t the place for uploads unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. It looks great but I’m now gonna be racist and don’t care, I want harvestable maple syrup from those trees!

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Once modding in actual new gameplay stuff is possible, I will hopefully add maple syrup, maybe some polar bears and beavers, oh! And some mooses!