Town Monitor v1.1 MOD updated for A23


I made a town monitor mod because it was hard for me (being lazy) to open the town window constantly to check stuff…

This should be compatible with A22.5 and A23

Resource tracker

What it does :
-Displays town name and happiness icon
-Constantly displays what i find most basic resources ( wood, stone, clay and fiber )
-Allows you to choose other items to track by pressing the big “+” icon and remove them from the tracker by clicking on them
-Displays the amounts of food and net worth needed for the next hearthling and their current values.

New version is UP !

What changed:

  • No more lags and freezes (hopefully)
  • Items should no longer disappear when quantity is 0
  • Deployed items no longer available to select in item list

TownMonitor.smod v1.1

Download the .smod and copy/save it into your Stonehearth\Mods directory.

Please keep in mind that this is the first version and bugs may have slipped my QC so i would kindly ask for you to report them here.

Hope this makes your life a little bit easier :slight_smile:

And and the old version that only displays basic resurces is available here (this are not comptible as the use the same base) :


Have fun!


Can you upload a screenshot of it? thank you :slight_smile:
Any way to customize what resources that it shows?
Thank you for this @Gruffus!

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Hi, i will upload a screenshot after work. In this version it only shows basic building resources: wood, stone, clay and fiber, maybe in a later version i can make it costumizable if you can tell me what elese would you like it to show.

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Like rimworld? With a filters? Great thing!

I did not play Rimworld so sadly i have no clue what you are talking :)) about but will give it a look

If the player could choose from a list what resources to display, lets say for example i build myself a chair factory and want to keep an eye on my inventory of chairs? Or maybe i want to know how many eggs i have? Basicly any item in the game, but a costumizeable display :slight_smile:

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Sounds doable but i should either impose a limit or make it expandable. I’ll give a look to the Rimworld one if that’s what we need :slight_smile:

But the name of that Rimworld mod would be helpful.

Also the bigger plan would be some kind of top bar to display more useful info at a glance (like town value and value needed for next hearthling, same for food, town mood, etc and an expandable view of resources) but the ideea of pinning certain resources for quick view is great.

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I think its part of the base game now


top left

basically they have arrows on the side of the list, that is broken up into categories and if you want to see the specifics of that category you have to click to arrow to expand the list and display the other resources

I was looking into it right now but it will be a bit funky because of mods as stonehearth does not seem to have a function that returns all items(other than the debug one that gets ALL of them).

You can access the inventory trackers from Lua and expose those to JavaScript. A “pin to screen” functionality for resources in the inventory is something I’ve been thinking of adding to the main game someday.


I know about inventory trackers but i would like them to also return values that are 0 ( is that also possible? ). I mean without feeding them a list with all the items

I think having only non-zero items is fine, but you can also access the full list of items through the catalog service.


I made this:
Resource tracker

You guys think i should upload it as a different mod or update this one?


This is really impressive! Good job!


zomg that’s amazing!!!

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@Gruffus Thank you! this is so awesome :jubilant: Did you update this thread with the new additions?
Great job on this.

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I. Need. This. Mod. Great job!


Thanks, not yet, will upload tonight after work. Wanted to know if i should update this one or make a new thread :slight_smile:


I don’t see why you would need to make a new thread, if someone wants to use the old version just keep the link in the OP

I didn’t think it would end up being this good, you’ve really made this a must have mod


Wow, well done Gruffus, this is an incredible UI design addition. Thanks!