Town Monitor v1.1 MOD updated for A23


Really nice mod :smiley: must try this soon


Well done! Can’t wait to add it!


Hey so i’m having some issue with the mod? Instead of the HUD element for the Town Monitor appearing at the top left like yours, mines at the bottom right. And it doesn’t give me any options to add or remove tracking for any resources or objects. I don’t know what to do.


Which one did you download? TownMonitor or ResourceMonitor? also i did not test localization but will do

And the two mods are not compatible as they use the same base


It was the Town Monitor not the Resource Monitor. RM works perfectly fine as is. TM doesn’t work it seems.


I’m using the RM mod. Are the two mods compatible with each other?


Psst, two posts up:


This actually gives me insane UI lag…


Sorry to hear that. I have sent you a PM so you can provide me a bit more details if you want.


I concur. Esc is slow, the view buttons are slow, etc etc, Everything


I got UI slowdown too is there something we can do to provide you information ?


No need, this is almost solved.
Hopefully i will put up a new version tomorrow :slight_smile:


Seems like me directly manipulating the DOM did not go so well and that ended in lags and freezes for some people.

This should be fixed as now it uses the proper ember method to draw the items.

Also i was bothered about the fact that items disappeared when they had 0 quantity and this should also be fixed.

I also removed deployed items from the selectable items list.

Link is updated in the main post.

Have fun !


Hi! Mod still working with A23 unstable steam brunch?


Hi, tested and it was not working but it is updated now :slight_smile:


Hey there, just wanted to say that I am loving this mod. However there seems to be an issue with once you get over 20 citizens. The issue appears to be with the req_worth logic. I see the following code for calculating this:

var req_worth = Math.max(Math.max((num_total - 6), 0.5) * 550, (num_total ^ 2 - 18 * num_total) * 100);

In my example there are 28 citizens:
var req_worth = Math.max(Math.max((28- 6), 0.5) * 550, (28 ^ 2 - 18 * 28) * 100);

Which gives us:
var req_worth = Math.max(12100, 28000);

However in my game, its showing the wealth required for the next citizen as 12100 instead of 28000 as the logic would seem to indicate should be shown. Screenshot attached as well :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for the report ! :slight_smile:

This is a little funky…

The problem was that i assumed that math operators work the same in lua and JS.

So a new version is up :slight_smile:

Seems like i will have to look up math in JS again.

I am still baffled about the fact that (28 ^ 2 - 18 * 28) * 100 and ((28 ^ 2) - (18 * 28)) * 100 return different values tho.

[MOD] Gold count display

net worth requirement is not accurate for population 24.
the mod says 9900 but the game says 14400


Hello, do you use the latest version that i uploaded yesturday? Because i juat patched that :slight_smile:


the one im using has a date of 12/9/17 4:41 pm