Town Monitor v1.1 MOD updated for A23


Please download it again, it should be 12/10, if not i will have to reupload the file


Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but I’m curious if you could find a way to add an idle hearthling counter :wink:


I would highly suggest uploading to either multiple sources or to something like Github which would track a lot more. Forcing people to have a account such as Microsoft in this case to download mods is a big turn off in most communities.

Have a good day,


You don’t need an account. Microsoft is just trying to get people to sign up. Just click on where it says “no thanks”.


ANNO-like status bar? I DEFINITELY WANT IT!

Devs, please add it to vanilla!
This mod actually deserves coining a new term on the forum, so I’ll rephrase the above sentence:
Devs, please vanillise this mod!


Like @Jeanette_Thompson says, you don’t need an account to download from OneDrive, nor from Dropbox. Most sites normally have a small button or link at the bottom of that register window that says ‘No thanks. Click to continue’ that brings you to the download page.



First of all sorry for the not showing up lately but i was not feeling that well.

To answer your question… That is a great ideea and i got it working (it was not that hard) but i wander is it is not way too much for one mod. I also have a version that displays the gold count. Maybe in the future i get myself to make this mod modular because i do not think everyone would like a mod that displays EVERYTHING.

Also @jonlimitless as @Jeanette_Thompson and @Relyss said you do not need an account to download but if it makes it easier for you here the git GitHub - Gruffuss/TownMonitor: Stonehearth TownMonitor (this however is not easier for everyone as it is not an SMOD and you have to rename the “-master”)

@Pawel_Malecki Thanks! it would be nice to know if the devs are planning to add something like this in the near future with the UX Redesign. Because i would like to rewrite it in a modular manner but it would take some work and would be a shame if it would be useless in like A25 :slight_smile:

Anyway have fun guys!