[Dev Blog] Scoreboard and Town Metrics



ok, first of all, i love the Town Overview concept… such a simple mechanism for measuring “how am i doing?”… i like the metrics themselves, and the impact they have… again, very simple (read, approachable) and effective… :+1:

second, and equally awesome (both in its simplicity and … … its awesomeness), is the fact that the town has a dynamic wealth based name associated to it… achievement get! :smile:

third, the notices are a nice touch, and a straight-forward means of determining what you’re doing right, and what needs to be addressed… i was going to comment on how it might be difficult to “flip back” to feedback you may have received X days ago… but then again, it obviously becomes less relevant as time goes by… the most recent journal entries being the most relevant…

onward!!! :smile:

p.s. Tom’s voice does indeed sound more dreamy with the new mic… so, well done… :wink:


My favorite part was ranking the different synonyms for sadness and happiness, respectively. Is “despairing” better or worse than “miserable”? Hmm…


Stonehearth is starting to shape up :smile: love this game so much


hahaha… brilliant… :smiley:

perhaps you’ll find this of some use… in order from least bad, to baddest bad… :smile:

  • listless
  • cheerless
  • sorrowful
  • downcast
  • heavyhearted
  • melancholy
  • despondent
  • forlorn
  • @Geoffers747

[quote]My favorite part was ranking the different synonyms for sadness and
happiness, respectively. Is “despairing” better or worse than
"miserable"? Hmm… [/quote]

I think despairing (from despair?) is worse than miserable (from misery?). The second word gives the info the citizens at least have something… I think :smile:

Translating that may be well interesting. :slight_smile:

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This is an awesome list. Thanks! I hope you won’t mind if I borrow some. I particularly like how they specifically target how the people are feeling, rather than how the town might look due to other circumstances. For example, I had gloomy, but a town might be gloomy because it is in a swamp. Traded out for listless. :wink:

I can’t wait to see the Melancholy Kingdom of North Charibdysville or whatever else the random name generator spits out :wink:


Sounds too much like micro maganement :frowning:

This is the definition of macro management. An overall board that tells the basic stuff about your village and then you orders something that will improve that. How will you even do macro without basic info?


hey there @Teziokz… can you perhaps elaborate on what you felt would lead to micromanagement? i’m not making the connection, with the updates demonstrated in today’s video…

Really liking the look of the metrics!

Not too fond of being included in the bottom of the list @SteveAdamo we’ll have words.

After a quick visit to thesaurus.com @Sdee I’m pretty partial to:

  • glum
  • dispirited
  • crestfallen
  • grief-stricken / grieving
  • wretched

How so? I’d probably agree with @thorbjorn42gbf here, it’s the definition of macro, everything collected into a few easy to view and understand bars.


i’m suddenly feeling one or more of the following emotions:

  • lugubrious
  • morose
  • disconsolate
  • woebegone

yeah… definitely woebegone:wink:

although i particularly like wretched

to be honest, that’s how i felt the name was derived when watching the video… i took “The Fair Camp…” to mean more about the people, as in “praiseworthy” and “respectable”, as opposed to anything else… :smiley:

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O-KAY! How about some synonyms for “Happy”! :slight_smile:

…Wretched is pretty good :wink:


I’ll try and steer clear of the more extravagant ones … like … mirthful …

Also, will this flavour text also apply to certain units? Say if they’ve done a specific act, or something something … they could become Mer ‘the crestfallen’ Burlyhands, a soldier abandoning his post maybe?

In no particular order, I’m slacking I know:

  • Jubilant
  • Content
  • Joyous
  • Lively
  • Upbeat
  • Jolly
  • Bright
  • Merry
  • Sanguine

well, obviously we can start with radiant:wink:

and then move on to the more exotic:

  • blithe
  • joyous
  • beatific
  • jocular!

I’ve always thought of blithe to be a negative word? As for beatific and jocular … no idea! Although a quick Googling makes jocular sound more like it’s to do with “joking”, not sure as a synonym for happy.

Another one could be Jovial?

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For Stonehearth NSFW edition:

  • sporking bad
  • sporking awesome


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depending on the context, blithe can mean indifferent, unconcerned, etc. but it can also be used to mean simply cheerful and happy (quite the range of emotions for one word)… :smile:

jocular (in this context) would mean sort of mischievous, teasing, playful… :+1:


Looks like a good idea, but definitely needs some more depth to it IMHO. Let’s see…

  1. A (really) minor point… a score of 1-10 is fine, but if you’re going to use decimal points, why not just replace 4.6/10 with 46/100?

  2. I notice a lot of space for more tabs along the bottom… how about we fill that space up with tabs for each score metric? Eg click on the Food tab to see detailed info on the food situation (X food produced / day, Y food consumed / day, Z food stolen / day, Bob McRandomname didn’t eat (too far from food), town feast buff (3/24hrs remaining), etc. Click on the shelter tab for info about shelter, bedding etc (Bob McRandomname being too far from a bed to sleep… just where IS the poor fella?).

  3. This part of the UI seems a fairly logical place to stick various other odds & ends. Diplomacy & menu buttons perhaps?


I just felt that having a happiness bar would mean that you have to activity keep on top of keeping people happy, which is, mistake me if I’m wrong, but the dev’s said they wanted to avoid doing that.