Town Monitor v1.1 MOD updated for A23


Sweet! I committed a change for that too! Thanks.

I hope @Gruffus is happy to see that people love his mod so much they’re willing to keep it up to date while he’s busy :smiley:



Hey, thanks !

Yeah, saddly i had some issues lately…

I am more than happy that you guys patched this!

I did not even get to try A24…

Hopefully i’ll be back in about a week :slight_smile:



-Displays the amounts of food and net worth needed for the next hearthling and their current values.

not work in A24, Only 2-3 Day then every Time it is 0/x

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I downloaded this version and it doesn’t work properly

I also get this error
release-862 (x64)[M]
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘initial_town_name’ of undefined
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘initial_town_name’ of undefined
at SimpleClass.settlementName (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/stonehearth/stonehearth_client.js:132:99)
at n._init (http://radiant/townmonitor/ui/game/item_count/item_count.js:40:54)
at http://radiant/townmonitor/ui/game/item_count/item_count.js:62:37
is this not the most recent version?



Hey! I was wondering if you guys could upload this to the Steam Workshop? ^^



I would love this mod to be added to the Steam Workshop, but I was wondering whether something like this will ever be added in the base game?
I love the mod, and would love to see this as a permanent fixture in Stonehearth… It makes it so much easier to track the items you’re trying to make, and i think its really nice to be able to see the overall happiness of your town.

Anyway, thanks for all the hard work so far!
This mod is by far my favourite :smile:



It would be nice to see it in the base game, however as of right now we know the developers are working on bug / performance.

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I am using the A24 update (commit fad0cbb).

For me Town Monitor causes intense performance issues, that require reloading the UI every 10-50 minutes with F5, and can all but paralyze the GUI to the point where even opening the game-save dialog takes upwards of a minute.

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will this mod ever get updated? because I love this mod and I miss not having it.



Yes, sorry guys, tough year, I will try to update it in the near future.

Have. A great day!



I’d love to see this updated and added to the steam workshop!

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Does it work for alpha 21? and how updated is this?



Please stop spamming all outdated mods… Do you want to know if they work? Test it! If they are on the outdated category most probably they will not work.

And why you are playing the alpha 21? That version is one year old! If you are really using that version, then all your other mods will not work because they are intended to be used on the final (and now only) game version.



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