[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday. More UI work, plus women!


Finally we see some emancipation :wink:. Nice to see how the single components come together. Almost looks like a game on the screenshots :smiling_imp:.


Woot, update time! Now to see if I can read it on this sparkly new “smart phone”… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: sweet baby geezuz, I loves me those stockpile icons!

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Did I miss something or was it not mentioned so far that you can assign specific resource-types to single stockpiles? Was not thinking about it so far but somehow assumed that resources will be stored in the next free space. For sure I like it more if you define what is going to be stored where… adds some optimization potential in terms of production chains and storing rare goods in “secure areas”.

Agree… apart from the apple maybe. Somehow it does not look round and not square, no?

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Hopefully the overlapping workers will be fixed by beta release, Hopefully it already has been.

Also, why no live stream this week :frowning:

[quote=“Azhrak, post:4, topic:3399”]
Also, why no live stream this week
[/quote]@Azhrak the streams are for sure always a nice and welcome bonus, but by no means a weekly must. Tom tries to have them on a bi-weekly schedule. Let’s hope for next week :wink:.


They usually do every 2 weeks roughly rightttt…?
its been 2 weeks since the last one, not counting the flash stream

using my not [quote=“SteveAdamo, post:2, topic:3399”]
sparkly new “smart phone”
[/quote] of mine i see that the apple is square with the top left of the stem going diagonally making it when zoom out a weird looking apple

i believe it was touched on before, but definitely during the flash stream… right?


well, we had two planned streams in one week (15th and 17th)… and one flash stream last week… i dont think we’re hurting for streams… :wink:

plus, personally, i think the flash stream is more productive, as @Tom can crank away at a topic, and ask for feedback when inclined…


good thing is that gold is actually a confirmed physical item, rather than a invisible one with a number.

I agree on the apple being weird round and square. :apple:

am i the only one who likes the apple? i think it looks fine…

takes another look through his rose-colored glasses


omg, an official groupie :ghost: :smile:

Anyone know what the second icon is for in the tools and goods category? Is it something to do with carpentry?

Animal products. The icon is the pelt of the bear you can see in the row above it.

Apple should be either round or square, the problem is that it looks kind of like a round one with wonky corners or a square one without proper corners.

I dunno… to me it just looks “unique”…

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Unique is not by any means equivalent to good. Unique just means there’s nothing else like it, while sometimes that’s good sometimes it’s because it just doesn’t work. I think that it’s just too indecisive looking to me, like he couldn’t quite decide what shape to put it, a round apple or a square one would both work fine but based off the icons I’d recommend round as most of the icons aren’t really square unless what they represent is square.

well, if nothing else, i admire your passion in articulating the optimal shape for an apple icon… :smile:

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Don’t worry Steve, I’ll stand by you in a show of Apple Icon solidarity.

I actually like the apple icon as well.

I appreciate what you’re saying @Xavion [quote=“Xavion, post:15, topic:3399”]
I think that it’s just too indecisive looking to me, like he couldn’t quite decide what shape to put it, a round apple or a square one

But to me, if he went completely round it loses that charm/ essence of Stonehearth, and if it goes completely square then perhaps it doesn’t read as well, or just looks a bit odd as a red block.

My thoughts on it anyway.

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But he went pretty much round on the ham icon?

Do you enjoy pain @Azhrak? I assume you must.

But yes, the ham icon is rather round, for some reason I have an icon in my head that’s like a cube block of ham with the bone sticking through it, maybe I’ve made that up at some point.

Does it have any of that Stonehearth essence, no :stuck_out_tongue: but it does look good!

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Hm… how was it with the :apple: in this other well known r-rated story involving also a :snake:? I hope we will be not kicked out of the stonehearthise for this discussion :wink:.

I don’t say one of them does not look nice. But I think some of the icons are looking a bit different from a style point of view than the others. That’s what attracted my attention. And the apple might be even a bit more special than the others :wink:.