Desktop Tuesday: Trait Iconography

Hey everyone! Alpha 21 and the basis for the Hearthling Trait infrastructure is now on the Steam Stable branch, and should be coming soon to Humble Bundle. In the meantime, the team is starting work on Alpha 22, (focus on conversations), fixing a few last minute bugs, making investments in some long term features we expect will hit in future alphas to come–improvements to water infrastructure and building.

Before we leave A21 behind, I’d like to take a moment to explore a really small, but very cool corner of this release: the work Artist Allie did on the trait icons, and more importantly, on the visual standard that dramatically improves our ability to scale out our UI in general.


Wow, that was super detailed!! Thank you guys. Now I just need a good idea of a trait to add :smile:

We also need rules like these for the .png of in-game item. There is multiple standards (or lack of), like the old items had a 50% opacity stroke around the object in a isometric view, while new objects can most of the time look like a screenshot taken directly from the game…
The same for stockpile icons. Should it be 2d icons (food category), should it be an isometric of an item? (potion or clay icons)


As a Graphic/Motion Artist, I’m extremely interested in the style guides for the game as well.

Practically drooling, actually. :smiley:


The detail of Allie’s design rules was definitely interesting, and useful for future reference – these kinds of insights into your development process are my favourite kinds of Desktop Tuesday and I’m keen to see how these rules continue to evolve or play out through the rest of the game.

Also, water infrastructure hype! It may still be a ways off, but even mentioning improvements to water gets me very excited, lol :jubilant: