DT: Behind the scenes with Traits!


Seems nobody has posted this here, so I’ll do it! (Fun Fact, the name of this picture is HotSauce!)

Other Announcements

We had a really productive three days at PAX East this year, so thank you to everyone who dropped by the booth with a comment, request, or word of support. We had three demo stations going all weekend, and this was the first time many of our newest teammates have gotten to meet you and interact with you as you played the game. We came back stuffed with ideas for making improvements, both small and large. :slightly_smiling_face:

Special callouts to the young lady and gentleman who told me that you guys watch these Desktop Tuesdays every week as a break from your homework. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s really nice to know you’re enjoying them! :grinning:

Our schedule should hopefully return to normal this week. This Thursday at 6:00pm PST, Nikki Galvan will be streaming, perhaps about some of her thoughts on the existing Building editor and how she intends to make it better for all of us. See you then!


I have a small suggestion… add negative traits together with the positive and neutral traits. Like a hearthling is nimble which makes him faster, but also weaker against attacks and disease. Or a hearthling is very empathetic which lets him cheer any sad or depressed hearthling, but makes him unable to be violent. Or a hearthling is bloodlust which makes him twice as good at melee combat, but give him a negative happines debuff because other hearthlings fear and avoid him. And also complete negative traits like depressed which gives a permanent happiness debuff or insensitive which gives a happiness debuff to any hearthlings that speaks with an insensitive hearthling. I just think that can carry more or walk faster traits don`t really make the job of giving more character to hearthlings.


There is a bug that is bugging me you can see it in the picture just there in thelegorebel’s post, the heart above the hearthlings head and the heart on the character sheet don’t match up.

Other than that keep up the great work!!!


That is/isn’t a bug.

The character-sheet has a finer level-of-granularity than the at-a-glance over the head one.

In an ideal world, they’d match up all the time.
We don’t live in an ideal world, so I’m fine with that particular oddity.

That is the pessimist trait. Instead of his default normal being at 50 (half) the happy meter, it is way below.

I love how someone commented on the website about how it was nice to see Tony in this one. Tom next Tuesday, please? :stuck_out_tongue:

… is there a town with everyone from Radiant saved somewhere?


I’m sure the one over the hearthlings head does the 15 16ths health full.