Stonehearth Alpha - Then and Now

A yes the good old day when there where only berries. The young nowadays doesn’t know how easy they’ve got it.


Have a great holiday, take care of your families and friends, and don’t forget to do something nice for somebody, who otherwise is not as fortunate as you.

And great job to Team Radiant.


what Alpha 1 had:

  • lots of bugs!
    -basic stuff
    – Carpenter
    – Harvesting wood and berries only
  • sleep
  • Fences!
  • walls
  • and a non-roofed house

what alpha 6 has:

  • Trapper, Footmen, Farmer, Weaver
  • Templates and Roofs!
  • Job System
  • Ladders
  • glitch mining
  • Save
  • Combat
  • Scenario API
  • Goblins
  • color roofs
  • stone walls and floors!
  • more food
  • etc…
  • i know there is more

what is to come in the near future

  • Real mining!
  • the Mason
  • maybe Shepherd
  • more monsters?
  • and more bugs and then less bugs…
  • and more stuff that they surprise us with

i do not know about you but this is alot of stuff to get done in just one year. Congrats TR for all the hard work you guys have done on SH cant wait to see what is do by next year


It’s weird to think back on roofless houses, farm-less villages, and 7 max villagers with no hope of growth.

Well done Radiant in your continued development of an engaging and extremely enjoyable game. Here’s to another year of development! :+1:


Now that’s not true.


(Yes, I was also employing children.)



Congratz to Radiant. I’ve seen a fair amount of games go through Alpha and I have to say, the Stonehearth has been the best experience I’ve had. No game development company I’ve witnessed has shown this much care for their players.

Merry Christmas and keep up the great work!


Yay stonehearth. Gratz on the 1 year mark and keep on rockin this game guys :slight_smile:


I am 61 years old. At the current rate of development, my funeral will come before this slow dev team gets done. This is not EQ Next or any other Huge MMO. Seems more like a steam red light to me. Compare to normal dev cycles like Timber and Stone, this game should release for your grandchildren to play.

as one of the original “fan boys” for Timber & Stone, and knowing Robert as well as I do, I am confused by this comment… T&S produces updates at a painfully slow rate, in large part a result of the addition of two new team members that convinced Robert to completely rewrite entire systems from scratch…

as for SH’s development pace, most of the fans/folks here seem to think the team is progressing just fine… would we all love to see a host of new features plugged in every other day? of course! is that technically feasible, without producing a complete train wreck of a game? not so much… :wink:

while few here will agree with your particular view/opinion, all opinions are indeed welcome… so, welcome aboard! :smile:


Feature-wise, Stonehearth has come far. Numerically, though, it has not. Although 183 builds are quite a lot, I can see how 0.1.0 leaves something to be desired. This is entirely superficial, though. The game gets closer and closer to its release with every Alpha!

I must ask why you compare it to a huge MMO? This does not have a shred of similarity, not even multiplayer at all - yet :smile:. Huge MMOs are built by huge teams. As Radiant is an indie company, you shouldn’t expect development to be the same.

If you don’t like the game’s premise, why would you get it in the first place? On the other hand, if you do like the game’s premise, just not the as-of-yet somewhat unpolished implementation on it, wait a few months and take another look at it. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Thanks for reading and considering my spiel. Have a good day! :sunny:


It’s the Holiday season, by far no development team right now is doing anything. As far as development speed, Radient has been very good at updating the game, from telling us what’s going on, to streaming the development. Do you know how long it took Timber and Stone to get where they are now?

Do you know Robert Reed? He’s a nice guy, he had his game almost worked out from the beginning. Radiant did not, they started from almost scratch and have reworked it ever since. They’re passionate about this game, and the community around it. They want the best possible experience for the player so it’s going to be a while. You just have to understand that no indie dev cycle is the same.

i’ve never made a game, but i have backed more than 10+ games in my life time, and I’m just getting started, In most development I’ve been in it’s taken them average of two years to get out of Alpha. Some developers left their game and ran with the money, or have lack of communication skills and don’t support their game.

Radient on the other hand has been communicating with us since they started. I love Stonehearth and all of the community. I’m just as passionate and enthused as Radiant is to get this game off the ground, but it needs time. I hope you wait with us.

Ps: Tom was my first friend on Myspace. :wink:

Your friend, Feashrind


Congrats to Radiant.

My only minor issue is the gameplay has not progress much (if at all) over the last several Alphas. I’m not talking about building improvements or new tech tree branches, I’m talking about the game (Peaceful mode is not a game, its an activity). The goblins still attack in fours and there has been no innovation in the game forcing me to do or not do something (those interesting choices @Tom has spoken so highly of).

Please turn-up the gameplay in Alpha 8.


I’m a little confused… isn’t adding building improvements, tech trees, mining, new crafting items, roads, and new classes adding to the gameplay? This is a city building game and it’s core…

I think you are specifically referring to scenarios, not gameplay as a whole. In which case, yes. All we gots is the little goblins. But combat is being revamped for alpha 8 according to Tom, which may make you happy. :smile:


just to bring this thread full circle, it was almost exactly (to the hour) one year ago today that A1 was released… :smile:

note: smiley added via post processing


I looked at the countdown I created more then a year ago. It is still running to my own suprise :smiley:. I remember it was some time after the countdown ended that the alpha 1 was up.

You remember the excitement we had in the countdown thread. Like 10 posts/second. :blush:


[quote=“Silas, post:20, topic:9032”]
I’m a little confused… isn’t adding building improvements, tech trees, mining, new crafting items, roads, and new classes adding to the gameplay? This is a city building game and it’s core…[/quote]

Is it? I would not say so. It was billed as “A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!” (first line of the Kickstarter). I believe “Peaceful Mode” was added right from the beginning to satisfy that need that many people have (city building game with no way to lose), but the core game was always a strategy game with meaningful choices @Tom wanted you to have angst over.

See the first Kickstarter paragraph: “Stonehearth is a game about exploration and survival in an epic fantasy setting. Your job is to help a small group of settlers survive and carve out a place for themselves in a hostile land. You’ll need to establish a food supply, build shelter, defend your people, and find a way to grow and expand, facing challenges at every step.”

We have very little challenge and very few (if any) meaningful choices. So in short

[quote=“Silas, post:20, topic:9032”]
isn’t adding building improvements, tech trees, mining, new crafting items, roads, and new classes adding to the gameplay?[/quote]

, no my good sir, it is not (adding gameplay). Game play in a survival strategy game needs to have the ability to lose. There is none such of a serious nature in the game today.


I’m not disagreeing that the things you mentioned aren’t in the game or aren’t needed before long to keep things interesting. I’m as excited as you to have them! I’m just saying anything that adds to the gametime of playing a game that is focused on building a city to survive with, is adding to the gameplay.

I have little doubt we’ll see some serious additions to scenarios and survival before long.

First looks to be combat. A bigger focus on combat probably means that there will be a larger chance for you to be attacked in a meaningful way and hopefully more dangerous way (instead of the only needing the rally flag to survive a million goblins ). I sense more devious enemies in the near future.

Here’s hoping!


“A herd of sheep are coming to free their friends” “Call the shepherds”

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