Meanwhile in the Team Radiant Kitchen

oh, fear not… there’s a wide array of those to choose from here… :smile:

Exhibit A

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That is you exhibit A? Hah!

Tremble mortals, and despair!


The TVs?

You’ve never been to Reddit, have you?

At the legitimacy of my theory, of the lack of scientific proof of RepeatPan’s?

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More at the strangeness of the discussion in general :slight_smile: .

Not the strangest, but still quite awesome.

The best part was when @Alfie and I were fighting on whoever was going to be Steve’s slave.

I’ll have you know, that the contract still stands, and that I am not a slave, but an assistant.

It even says it on the contract we have…

However upon another inspection, in the small print I do see an agreement that allows @SteveAdamo to call me a slave.

Speaking of that old thread that was made a countdown to the first Alpha release . . .

Does anyone but me remember when we used to joke about the Cage and the Hose?


Never! This thread will never get clean!

@SteveAdamo! Give me the cage and the hose!

Cleaning… scrubbing… rubbing someone’s back…

I see what this thread needs.


Dafuq was that? :confounded:

Also, why is there a video with horse sex in the “Recommended Videos” section? :scream:

To both questions I can give you a warm “I have no idea”. The latter could be based on your search history however… YouTube does take that into account for recommended videos. Just a thought.

I think Youtube puts videos in the “Recommended Videos” section based on what you are watching currently, but it could be also because of your search history.

But trust me, what kind of f’d up monster would I be to take interest in seeing horses mate?!

Bronies and furries maybe, but not me.

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Well, on one hand it’s natural and on the other there can be really funny ones too. My favourites are tortoises, but I’ve seen two giraffes in a German zoo documentation once that were quite amusing too. Not only because the female ran away, but also because the male fell down.

But then again, this topic isn’t even remotely as sensible in Europe as it is on other continents. Sexuality is child stuff here… Sometimes sadly literally.

Sure :wink:

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i think this thread tried to take a turn to the right, went up, took a left, zigzagged, the turned right

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Though it wasn’t a very serious thread at first anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

But discussions about cheeseballs are always important, especially if pirates are involved! :wink:

I don’t agree to the right turn before the zigzag part :wink:

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