I see what u did there radient team <

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Can I ask you a favor? Can you please refrane from starting new threads, I’m sure it’s hard on the mods or something

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O.o is that not a forum? O.O

Yes, but…your making too many of them for…oh hell, conserve space, use existing threads, please!

i too see no point to this thread… but seeing as i have closed about 80% of @ownerpure5’s other threads, i feel a bit guilty just shutting this one down outright… :smile:

we’ll let it live, for now… :wink:

yaaay :smiley: i wont spam anymore :3

From looking at #Stonehearth on the twitter feed to find things to respond to, I can inform you all that I’ve seen mostly positive things about Stonehearth pizza co, and some of their food looks pretty tasty!

On that note. Let’s wrap this one up.


good cop, bad cop… :+1: