Rehabilitation Center For Untitled Minions

By suggestion of @Geoffers747 I have personally fundeded the Rehabilitation Center For Untitled Minions for all those who do not have titles or who have been promised titles and have seen these promises broken.

I @Avarian am a pretty cool dude. I develop a mod, which I call Nihonjin, and I am the Leader of the Japanese Empire. I take my role of bringing my sarcastic comments to this discourse seriously and I am also one of the “Mean Mods” on Radiant’s Twitch channel. Also I am the self-proclaimed (and @SteveAdamo proclaimed me too at some point) Japanese expert/guru of the discourse.

@SteveAdamo has taken note of these feats and my awesomeness and had promised me a title on many occasions. However, as I sit here and type this out for the world to see, I still do not have a title. I have been irreparably damaged by this horrible incident and my creative side has all but washed up because of it.

Please share your similar stories here to help one another cope with this growing epidemic.



lolwhat? I feel like this will be hilarious to read through.

oh it is okay.
don,t cry. :smile:
here take a cookie :cookie:

I hope that’s an egg free cookie!

If not then I hope your trying not to put me out of my misery. (I’m allergic to eggs lmao)

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we will never know if you don,t eat it :speak_no_evil:

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-om noms cookie;
Hmmmmmm. . .

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aaand there were… wait for it.

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Well I think I’m going to be fine!
~ten minutes later~
-falls over;

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…no eggs in it :smiley:

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that cookie looks sad… :frowning:

Heh, it really does… I wonder if that was intentional or not?

I’m not sure if I count for this… but…

I am @Alfie, but you can call me @Alfie. I develop a mod called More Trees Mod, which can be found if you click here. I also founded the Candyland Mod which is maintained by @Relyss.

@SteveAdamo once hired me as his exectutive assistant, one that is title worthy. I had said title for a decent amount of time, but then the evil loving @SteveAdamo removed it from me due to the fact that people could get a little bit jealous (looking at you, @EpicDwarf). He promised me my position back, however I never got it back. And I still work for him. Because of this, I cannot make my award-winning (by Steve’s standards) hot chocolate anymore.

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I am @Smokestacks, a pretty active forum member and like to consider myself reasonably helpful. I flag plenty of posts, I also moderate Radiant’s Twitch channel, I- oh wait.

I am kidding of course, I am currently on my 3rd title. You peasants amuse me.

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For one your forgetting that I am not a peasant, I am Samurai born.

Also what makes you so special to get a title?! I’m a mod too :frowning:

So much feels. . .

This sounds like a horrible situation! The world needs your hot chocolate! Do you by chance happen to also make hot white chocolate?

Well the first two were for making finalist in the writing and modelling competitions, and the one I have now is because Steve and Geoffers said they might need some help in December when the Alpha was released and if I have a title to say that I’m helping out answering questions then they’re more likely to accept my answer.

I’m awesome.


Oh yes! I did indeed make hot white chocolate… and dark… and both… well I can make any hot chocoate!

you can get a cookie too :cookie:

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@Avairian I know how it feels, I have been on this forum since before @Smokestacks was even on the forum (I think, correct me if I am wrong). Have pulled off daring feats involving a Red Feast and being a Dog able to use a computer and have still not got a title. At this point I would settle for “Person who whines about not having a title too much.”

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I’d give you ‘Man’s Worst Enemy’… :wink:


Wrong you are, I joined on the 30th May, yours says June 18th. :stuck_out_tongue: