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Well while we are playing map games and discussing poisonous cookies. Why not something a bit more creative and geeky. This is a topic for you showing what you wear not some other people. it may be cosplays, halloween costumes or just that insanely strange outfit you kids got you to dress up in.
here is my first one it is the start to my Richard (from Looking for group) cosplay it isn’t fully done yet i need white body paint and a few tweaks to the costume.

I did not have a camera. So this is taken on my computer


I am guessing a Mage, Because Wizards where pointy hats

nope he is a Warlock
sort of

hmm lets see people who maybe would be interested… wait @nekochan you are a manga otaku right do you have any cosplays?

I showcased this on Halloween last year, I’m on the left, I built and painted all the armor and the Soul Eater. Satisfied, @thorbjorn42gbf?


the armor AND the Soul Eater? wow thats awesome when i build weapons they don’t come out very well

Warlock means oath-breaker or in unembellished terms liar or betrayer. :wink:

And yes, I do have cosplay from various manga universes, but as it goes against my policy to upload personal pictures on the internet, I won’t be able to contribute here, sorry ^^.

i have no talent for, and have never participated in cosplay… but i approve of this thread… :wink:


Yup, I’m working on my second costume now, A suit of Halo 4 Gen2 Spartan armor, Black primary and Dark Red secondary, with a Master Chief Mk. VII Armor and a Locus Helmet. I’ll try to get around to taking pics soon.

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well i can understand that… just out of curiosity what have you cosplayed?

well in most fantasy universes they are undead wizards. and in some they are just an evil kind of wizard. but yes i wouldn’t trust Richard with anything that didn’t involve him burning down an orphanage.

Cosplay mod anyone? Hmm, hmm? Any takers?

well i am just waiting patiently for SVScon in Denmark where i can get to show of a bit :slight_smile:

I’m going to be at a fundraiser today, and to attract attention, I’m going to wear my Halo Elite Commando costume, conveniently enough, Gamestop is about 30 feet from the place we are doing said fundraiser, so I can try to sell Donuts (What were selling) too all the gamers :smiley:

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sounds suspiciously like the enterprising young lady who was selling girl scout cookies outside a marijuana clinic in San Francisco… she sold 117 boxes in 2 hours… :wink:


Are you a girlscout @Vince5754? :open_mouth:

Will you buy some donuts if I say yes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm. . . Custard filled?

Where might you live?

Ah sorry, Just Glazed I’m afraid. :frowning:

It was a bit of a joke, Dino, I don’t expect anyone here to fly to South Carolina just to buy Donuts.

And here is a picture of me selling Donuts at Walmart:

I cut out all of the people so that the cereal killers don’t get any ideas. :open_mouth:


Aw, I would’ve wanted to! :wink: