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Here’s a photo of my progress on my Halo 4 Spartan armor, the LOCUS Helmet is finished, and the Torso and Shin Guards are built:


woohoo. PROGRESS i got makeup so now i can paint my skin :slight_smile:

So, I had decided back in December to cosplay Cecil Palmer*, from the podcast Welcome To Nightvale, to Emerald City Comicon. This in and of itself, wasn’t very big or complicated, or even really interesting. Until I found out in March that WTNV would be headed to ECCC as well. This is the bit where I freak out for weeks at a time.

For those who don’t know Nightvale, Cecil is the host of a small radio station in the twilightzone-esque town of Nightvale, so I went for a mostly formal look, then added a badge and headphones

With a little help and guidance from a friend, I managed to actually get a decent cosplay put together, and managed to meet the writers and voice of WTNV, and even got a picture with them.

(Yes, I know what makeup you can see is not very good, and I look a bit goofy, but shaddup)

Also, for those of you who’ve studied up on your Homestuck -Cough- @Inumel -Cough- I also managed to get Andrew Hussie, creator of Homestuck, to sign a plushie (Mocking my friend who was unable to attend) and 5 bottles of apple juice.

I have several other planned cosplays for PAX PRIME (Yes, thats why I keep asking about Radiant going to conventions), so I’ll be sure to post progress on those too.

Also, if when reading about Cecil and his Twilightzone-esque town, you thought to yourself “Hmm, I like Twilight Zone, so that seems interesting.” I’m gonna tell you now, you have no idea. Listen to it. Listen to it. Listen to it.


Hey, I must ask, what do you use to build your armors?

Yeah, those ideas I had mentioned? And the Armor thing? Well, I’ve spent the past 6 hrs NOT doing a major essay I need to write, and instead stockpiling .PDO files and planning.

It is my hope, I say again, my HOPE that PAX Prime will get a visit from Cherno Alpha.

Let’s see how far we can take this…

Incredible what you can accomplish with Cardstock and an INCREDIBLE amount of extra time.

I’m going to be going too a summer camp called Rockbridge this June, and every year they do a Volleyball tournament, and because of my spare time, I’ve offered too build Marine Helmets for our team, dubbing us “Team Halo”, with me wearing my full suit of Spartan IV armor, as our team mascot.

I gotta make sure that tourney gets recorded on video. Its gonna be boss.

7 helmets built, 8 more too go.


You go man! So do you just use cardstock, Pepakur, and fiberglass? Or is it all cardstock?

Built with Cardstock, reinforced with fiberglass Resin and Fiberglass Cloth laid on the inside of the pieces. Although the helmets I’m making for the trip aren’t reinforced with Resin (Since that would double, or triple the cost too make them).

I had been planning to use fiberglass resin for my Cherno Alpha build, any tips or tricks on how to avoid messing up?

OMG!!! But are you sure it was apple juice?

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Resining isn’t a science, but there are a few things I can tell you:

When choosing paint brushes too brush the Resin on with, just buy a pack of big cheap ones at Walmart, because no matter what brush you use, it’ll be ruined after you use it too resin a piece.

I highly recommend using Fiberglass Cloth inside of the costume as well, although Resin strengthens the Cardstock greatly, it will still tear (As displayed by my Blue Elite armor, its still in surprisingly good shape, but its had some battle damage), but with Fiberglass cloth, that bad boy will be indestructible… Unless you try swimming in it, and even then it might be resistant, who knows?

As a matter a fact, I intend to one of these days make armor strong enough for Airsoft, using around 5 or 10 layers of that cloth. I was leaning towards a COD Juggernaught armor style, Since I’m a bit more of a front line combat style guy.

[After googling who or… What Cherno Alpha was]

Aaaah, that’s something I haven’t seen tackled. Seems like it would be quite difficult too see, And I KNOW “difficult to see”. With the first Pepakura armor I made (Shown in the pictures of me above), you can’t see directly in front of you, so you need too turn your head.

Although, if you can find a good seeing method, totally get an LED light and attach it in the one spot where the light is on the head of Cherno Alpha.

… Woah, that was quite a bit of typing, huh, how’d that happen?

EDIT: One last thing, if your going as Cherno Alpha, get your Russian accent ready, I have a strong belief that you shouldn’t go as a character unless you can properly display his personality, or voice.

Ahh, thank you my friend!

For vision, I played with the idea of a live video feed into the helmet, then realized how stupidly complex that’d be. Instead, I’m planning to do a one way paint visor using similar methods to what others have done for ODST helms.

As for the light in the head, I was planning to hook up a few LEDs and then mount a go pro to get footage of the con (via a sheilded lens).

Also, Im gonna run Leds all throughout the major parts.

And for the accent, I’d think I have a fairly decent Russian accent. Not perfect, but it’ll do.

So I’ve made plenty of progress on my second costume, A Spartan IV, the armor is a combination of Mk. VII, Mk. VI and the Helmet is Locus:

I still have quite a lot of work to do, here is my work sheet for the armor:

  1. Build unmade pieces (Right Mk. VI Shoulder, Elite Skull mounted on left shoulder, Pelvis Armor, Lower Back Armor, Boots)
  2. Resin & Paint unfinished pieces
  3. Attach back pieces onto Shin Guards (so that the straps on the back of the legs won’t be shown).
  4. connect Red LEDs onto the Chestplate
  5. Buy under-clothing to wear while wearing the armor, that will be Black, not Dark Red, and more skin tight.

Pretty ambitious, sure, but its gonna look great once its all done.

By the way… Do those Leg plates make my Thighs look big? :stuck_out_tongue:

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And now it is here a picture with paint and all (the paint on the fingers didn’t survive very long)

I am quite surprised of the amount of people in the danish cosplay community that knows who Richard is :slight_smile:

That’d be an interesting costume…


I’m almost done resining my Spartan Armor, I should have it all painted and looking purty (Or nightmare-inducing, depending on your point of view) within the next few weeks. I will of course post pictures.


Oh god i died laughing when i saw that :laughing:

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So I got these done today, I was commissioned to make these for a trip me and my Younglife group’ll be going on, I have lots of time on my hands, so I made a throne out of the helmets. :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t be wearing these, actually. I have my suit of Spartan IV Armor which is yet to be revealed (I gotta paint of the Gloves and Skeletoes I’ll be wearing with it, and buy a Skirt… You’ll understand when its revealed).


Hot damn man, that’s a lit of helmets.

Also, you’re basically sitting on the fiberglass equivalent of the Iron Throne

It’s a good thing those Halo 1 Marine Helmets are as easy to make as they are, they only take me an hour each to build. If it were anything more complicated they wouldn’t have been done until probably right before we went of the trip.

Also, Technically the ODST Helmet you see me wearing wasn’t commissioned by them, I just did that one because I had the helmet laying around and I hadn’t used it for my Spartan costume like I planned to.

Oh, also, Check this out: It glows in the dark too!


Ooooh I want :smile:.