Thanks @ Geoffers and Steve


I think we all know that sometimes people volunteering for something like moderation of a forum, do not get all the appreciation they deserve. Ok, in our case we know exactly that our moderators just do it for the fame, having the right to post 2 questions where only 1 is allowed by official rules and frequent good night calls from Stephanie (and not so frequent from Tom and Tony)… but let’s assume for a moment that this is not the case.

If you feel the same (although it might be a bit early)… join me in a shout out to @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo for being so responsive, trying to answer every question (scary that they can in almost all cases) and their contribution to make this forum / community a nicer place :.

Good choice @ Devs. And hope you will keep the pace @ Moderators!

The Stonehearth Forum (Discourse) Community

Keep up the good work @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo :smile:


@Geoffers747 @SteveAdamo
Hugely appreciate all the hard work, steely control and the way you both even handedly abuse all of your powers equally.
A truly spectacular display of Modlike power which leaves me creeping through the less populated threads in the hope of avoiding your harsh gaze.
I for one welcome our moderator overlords.

But enough of this touch feely love-in, on with the serious business of …um Stonehearth


i think i mustn´t say anything ^^ an post here says everything that is needed :wink2:



alas, tis true… we’re treated like the villains, overbearing, oppressive, power-mad tyrants… basically @Geoffers747

i personally take my imaginary work related funds and donate them to the digital soup kitchen… but @Geoffers747? let’s just say he has “expensive tastes”… :see_no_evil:

if by “good night calls”, you mean “filing of restraint orders”, then yes… Stephanie and i have established that bond between us…

ok, in all seriousness… thanks @voxel_piratevery thoughtful of you all to contribute your well wishes… this is absolutely one of the main reasons i enjoy participating in communities like this - getting to know some great folks and share a common passion! :smiley:


Thank you very much good sir! The fame and the fortune are definitely worth it, but unconditional love and obedience is always welcome!

I can’t speak for @SteveAdamo but I do this because I want to and because I believe this game is going to be incredible!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, you all aggravate me to the point where I am no longer sure whether or not I will be able to exert a level of self-restraint that will prevent me from dismembering my stuffed toy collection. But unfortunately you all are so intent on hanging around here so I swallow the hatred where it will manifest as a stomach ulcer in 5 years time - so thanks for that.

And @TobiasSabathius we try to be fair in our cruelness, if you feel that someone is getting an unequal distribution of anger and hatred from us please let us know, we wouldn’t want anyone left out!

On a serious note … you guys should thank yourselves as much as you’re thanking us (obviously a little less), I can only really think of one user who has brought an antagonistic vibe to this forum, and apart from that everyone is civil, respecting, and willing to listen to criticism/ suggestions. I’m not entirely sure what is happening … but I like it, and I like … most of you.

Always knew you were a bad apple … knew it. Come to think of it … those pictures were … we’re done Steve, done. Get your stuff and go.


I’d also like to say a huge thank you to @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 as you guts always seem to make this forum a giggle and so I raise a toast of mead to our new overlords (and now scurry back to my post of guarding the sausage cave)



I don’t have the words


Very happy to see such a thread; I always try to get a bit of recognition over on the Twitch chat for their efforts. Geoffers pipped me to the post a few times in the early days, and while I enjoy answering as much as I can on Twitch, I’m happy for another of Her Royal Majesty’s subjects to represent here on Discourse~


and an admirable job he has done… why, i dont think a single person can complain about his poise, professionalism, and overall wonderful personality… posture


I love the humor and light heartiness you guys have. We can see you guys love this game as much as we do, keep up the good work.


A lot of what can be said has been said, but I also remember seeing Steve quite a bit in the Kickstarter Comments section, answering pretty much every question that was asked, excluding the rare times when someone was able to type THAT much faster than him…


@SteveAdamo is one of those mystical beings who seamlessly manages to be in many many places at once.


awfully kind of you to say that… campaigns are always so much fun to be a part of! :smiley:

cloning technologies are a wondrous thing… unfortunately, they are also very expensive, so my liver has been filling in here when i need a bit of downtime…


Best. Mental picture. Ever.


I dunno…

I mean, that image is pretty hard to beat


I’ve barely joined the discourse but i can already tell these are some of the best moderators out there. But can i suggest some kind of battle royal/hunger games thing to decide which is best over all?


You hear that @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747? You’ve just been nominated to be the first to test Stonehearth’s PvP when it comes out :wink:


That is the perfect idea :smile:


I’ve already challenged @SteveAdamo to a fight to the death, in hindsight death seems a bit extreme. So I will substitute death for a paddling pool filled with mud/oil. We’ll put it in the community feedback category right @SteveAdamo?