Thanks jomaxro for the good work

ever since I came back I had intended to get back into being heavily involved in the discussion again, although naturally it’ll take time since I got out of the habit of checking here every day and I need to get back into the habit. even so, I hop back in every few days and see there’s a good 20-30 notifications from various bug reports, suggestions, etc, and… every single one of them has been resolved soon after they were brought up, long before I come in to check. my job has been taken orz. @jomaxro stop being such a good moderator! lol

jokes aside, congrats jomaxro on doing such a good job on resolving issues, and especially always doing it in a rather professional manner even on mass duplicates. you’ve also done a good job on cleaning up the forums, merging dups and warning troublesome users. sure, it does kinda suck that I more-or-less can only do stuff in the suggestions forum now since you catch the bug reports long before I do, but a cleaner forum is a better forum, and, really, it’s your job as a mod, so even if I have less to say now, good job on being a mod. keep up the good work coughalthoughIwouldn’tmindifyouslippedupandgavemesomethingtotalkaboutcough


Thank you very much, but I do not deserve all the credit. I could not do this without @8BitCrab, @relyss, @steveadamo, @geoffers747, and all the devs. This is a team effort, all of it, even if you see me posting frequently, there is so much going on behind the curtain that cannot be seen.

Now’s your chance, I’m away on vacation this week, so I will be a bit less active.


I too want to thanks @jomaxro for all his hard work… it is indeed a team effort, but I really appreciate all that he has contributed to the community and how he continually thinks of new ways to improve the experience here…

thanks!! :smile: :+1:


I didn’t mean you did everything, I’ve seen the other mods too, I’ve just seen you tackle a surprising amount, and considering it’s putting me out of busines-er I mean solving many users problems, it’s hard for me to not notice lol