Wow, so many bugs being found

jesus christ guys, I go to bed just to wake up to 30 notifications, most of them bugs, quite a few of them dup reports, and several of them containing over 20 responses. stop being so helpful to the devs! lol


Gotta love Early Builds :smiley:


or gotta hate em depending upon whether you sort through the bug reports or not… :disappointed:… :stuck_out_tongue:


I had 10 minutes becore I had to leave to catch the bus, decided I’d hop on real quick, saw my notif center flooded lol. no time, can’t help


Ha, yes. The first build of each alpha usually has a lot of surprises for everyone…

We have a patch coming soon to address the big crashing bugs.


oh god 30 more, whyyyyyyyy

and I can’t help with any of them because most of the bug reports are just dups of the same bugs that I don’t know how to take care of. I need to learn more programming so I can be of more help orz

if you have the time, when you find a dup and know the name of the original thread, link it in the post and page one of us moderators, you would be doing us a big favor.


yea, it’s mostly just an issue of, during the weekdays I don’t really have the time nor the patience to filter through 30-40 threads, especially when I come across errors that I can’t make heads or tails of, as I can’t help with those problems whatsoever. my main frustration with the dup reports are… when you’re making a thread, as you type in stuff, you get a blue window above what you’re typing saying “your thread is similar to…” and lists all the threads that are similar to your post. if what you’re posting has not been posted before, you’ll likely only get 2-3 posts that it says are similar, and none of those have anything to do with what you’re typing (likely just similar combinations of words and such). however, when 10 people are posting the same exact problem, even without that notice telling you that what you’re posting has already been posted, you would see it in the threads. I’ve lost count of the number of blacksmith forge posts I’ve seen. even if you’re too lazy to read the other threads, or if the threads are all named weirdly that you can’t guess what they are about, with the blue “your post is similar to”, they don’t really have an excuse for making duplicate posts. from my experience in other forums, making duplicate posts is a bannable offense (when you do it enough, of course. you’ll get warned first), as it really clutters up the forum and makes it a hassle for the mods to merge and the users to filter through.


you make very valid points, but one thing that i think should be mentioned is that not all of the people who are writing the reports are adults, often the reports are written by youngsters who are upset that the game is bugging out on them, thus they dont necessarily pay attention to everything that the discourse offers when they toss up their report.

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What 16 count as? Cause i searched to see if the bugs I found had been reported and they both had though stupidly someone reported a bug as a suggestion. no clue why

age wise? 16 doesnt count as an adult, but you’re no youngster either, your right smack dab in the middle.

so with that info i would assume that you’re old enough to pay attention to everything that the discourse has to offer, and not post a dup report. :wink:

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