The Early Alpha 11 Update

I´ve to say that it´s more stable for me than the Alpha 10-5-10 was :slight_smile: The performance fixes are very good.

Also the new methodes to save your items in a kind of chests… wonderful idea :smiley:

i haven´t used the new classes yet so i´ve to see what´s up with them in te future ^^

Maybe i´ll have a look on them in my next LP Episode ^-^

yeah but till now it´s very awesome game. and also i wanna see what the future holds ^^

see u guys :smiley:



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i disagree… its full of bugs -_-

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not to be blunt. but the unstable (latest builds) are always buggy, as they are there to catch ll of the bugs before the stable release.


Totally relate to you this branch seems more unstable than in the past, I can say that many bugs have occurred which are so infuriating its preventing me from reaching the new content

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welcome to the discourse @ :smile:

its an unstable release, they are always more buggy then the stable release. if you dont like bugs then opt out of betas and wait for the stable release.


I wonder if they can change the [latest] to [latestUnstable] So it can be even more apparent for what it is?! hmm…

All I can do is encourage and give likes, Fight the good fight! Fight-O! (gjgl!)

Don’t mind me, just passing through…

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well on the “[release process][1]” page of the official site they state what the “latest” means,

perhaps they should put that info on the steam page or something.


Might help…some :stuck_out_tongue: Keep your 8bit shell polished! The fun of growing pains :slight_smile:

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and i was so excited but anyways… where can i report some bugs? because i dont know why i cant mine using “M” the 4x4 inward a cave i cant mine like 20x20… i always need to click several times just to mine a 12x12…

right here on the forum, make a new topic and copy the bug report template into it,

fill out the template with all the required info, make sure that the category is “support - active bug”, and you should be good to go.


Really enjoyed what I saw of the new build before I had to shut the game down and deal with work-ish stuff.

I noticed one small thing that I think would make it even better, though - on the departure screen where you can purchase starting equipment, it should clearly show what you already are getting (ie the carpenter’s saw). I was getting a mite worried there, and also didn’t dare buy the trapper’s knife since I wasn’t sure if the one offered was the one you used to always get, or a second one. And I don’t need two trappers within the first few minutes of play! :wink:


an excellent idea, perhaps you should make a separate thread under the suggestions tag. :wink: