A new Let's play.. Maybe

Hey, i’ve already asked this question… But when is the next build coming out, soon?
I want to start a youtube series and i don’t want it to be abruptly stopped due to an update… If i were to revert to the stable release on steam how long would one say i would be able to play it?



the major releases come out roughly every 1 to 1.5 months… if you don’t opt into the latest development builds via Steam, or if you get your client via Humble Bundle, you should be good to go for a nice LP… :+1:


thanks. :slight_smile: When did alpha 10 come out?

May 14th… :smiley:


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Aha… :slight_smile: Thanks…

May i ask one more question? Why is build 345 the stable build and not 375? I found that 375 is a lot more stable for me…

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well thats because TR released the game on steam EA with build 345, then afterwards they fixed a bunch of bugs, these havent been implemented into the “stable” builds because stable builds are always new alphas.

make sense?

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I understand why build 375 is more stable than build 345, i always understood this. The builds within Alphas are bug fix builds, and Alphas are feature adding. To put it basically.

What i don’t understand is why the stable build is the more unstable build?

its because a lot of bugs they fixed in 375 werent present until 345. when a new stable alpha build rolls out, tons of bug reports tend to pour in, then TR works on fixing these for the next alpha. thats the reason why.

~!So the last build of Alpha 10 will/should be the most stable version when Alpha 11 comes out, right?

i believe so, but i might have gotten my thoughts mixed up. im really tired and should probably go to bed…

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Yeah, what you said in the previous reply sounded a bit off.
Build 375 came out after build 345, so it was a bug fix build which would/should be more stable than build 345. Unless the devs broke something big while fixing bugs…