When will Alpha 12 come out?

Basicly the title. Does anyone know when it is comming out? If not an exact date, then if it’s soon or if it’ll take some time?

firstly, TR doesn’t have a schedule, any dates they give are flexible and may change at any time :wink:

secondly, from what ive heard, TR plans on releasing a stable A 11 branch soonish, as in the next week or so, which means we should expect the A 12 unstable in the next month. :smile:

but hey, don’t quote me on it, i’ve been away for a week and haven’t really caught up on whats what yet.

hope this was of some help.

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After Alpha 11, but before Alpha 13. lol


wow. thats the most accurate guess ive seen so far! :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


TR decided to go the microsoft route. They’re releasing alpha 12 as alpha 13 and hoping nobody notices it’s actually just a slightly modified release of alpha 10.5 :wink: