Alpha 23? Is this coming soon?

Sorry if this has been asked before, Its just that I see a lot of people saying “we will wait until alpha 23”

From my limited point of view, Alpha 23 wont be here until some time after late 2018, is this not accurate? (I am going off the base that I got the game back after alpha 21, and I just barely see alpha 22.5 come out)

When is the next update scheduled?

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There’s no concrete date, but the rough target is early 2018, with an unstable version probably sometime before the end of the year.

See: Alpha 23 for the holidays (Christmas)?


So it looks like the total alphas for 2017 is going to be three (point five).

A transitional year I suppose.

As much as I would love to have it at my fingertips now, I absolutely appreciate all the work you guys are putting into it. I feel like a kid at Christmas and I really look forward to whatever the dev Team is cooking up.