Alpha 23 for the holidays (Christmas)?

Just wondering if there is an expectation of alpha 23 arriving before the end of the year?


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I would expect at least unstable releases before the end of the year.

But honestly there’s so much going on, it just depends on how much do we want to enclose for this alpha.


How much do you want to enclose in the alpha?

I assume she’s saying: What are their goals for the next major release (A23) and what can they legitimately tackle within that timeframe.

Our next goal is to get every object in the game to contribute to gameplay, which means, creating a sufficient number of interconnected gameplay systems to allow for all this object meaning. We’ll start that in A23, but “all the objects” is a lot of objects, so A23 will focus on appeal and revisions to crafting. After that, there will be revisions to health, stockpiles, farming, and a bunch more things. Where we’ll mark the cutoff for A23 depends on whether the new systems can stand on their own, or if they all need to be present to form a cohesive gameplay experience. I’m suspecting the former.


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If you are doing revisions to crafting, can you add a recipe per level, there are levels that doesn’t add any recipe.