Just letting fellow forum members know where I went

lately I’ve been somewhat swamped with a lot of things, especially with college. as there have been easily 30 new posts every day, I haven’t had any time to go through them, and even when I did, I was unable to help as I hadn’t touched stonehearth recently. so for now, I took off my watch list, as I can’t really help until I get some more free time or actually play the recent builds again. I also took off email notifs, but that’s because you guys keep spamming my already-bursting email address with new post notifs lol. I check in here regularly as is, more often than my email, so there’s no point in me being emailed every 5 minutes about a new post or comment (I already have 3k unread emails that I’ve been putting off on going through, the 200 emails per day isn’t helping lol. and though I laugh, I’m serious about the 200 emails per day). but anyway, for a little bit, I’ll be away from the forums, so if anyone was wondering where that black cat went, don’t worry, I’ll be back, I’m just busy for now, and will come back after I get around to playing the new builds.

inb4 no one was wondering where I went and everyone forgot about me lol


actually, i was wondering, i notice even the “smallest” persons disappearance from here, and your definitely not “small” with all the help you gave…

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:1, topic:16911”]
as there have been easily 30 new posts every day
[/quote]you gotta love the unstable builds… :disappointed_relieved:

well i hope we’ll see you return in full sometime in the near future, perhaps after the stable release is out…


Good luck with school! We’ll still be here when you’re allowed some free time again, real life is allowed to interrupt game time occasionally :wink:

PS- upside; when you come back, think of all the nifty upgrades to the game that you’ll get to check out! It’ll be like christmas coming twice!


well I’m happy so many looked at and liked this lol

yet not sure how I should feel considering this is my most-liked post and comment.

my 3D animation class has been causing me severe stress, both physically (I’m nocturnal and it’s an early morning class, aka I have to do all-nighters to get to class) and mentally. I’ll be dropping the course, and with that out of the way, I should be much more capable of rejoining the discourse soon. but it won’t be for at least another 2 weeks (going to my sister’s wedding next week, and will be gone for a week).

heh… i’m always slightly hesitant when liking a post about someone being sick or unable to do something, i always feel like i’m going to give the wrong message…

but i would say the likes are from people anticipating your return.

makes witty joke 2 likes
provides insightful help 3 likes
does both at the same time 0 likes
announces I’ll be away 10 likes

either you hate puns or you’re glad the pun-meister is leaving… lol (just kidding, thanks guys)

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now the question is… should i be liking this post?

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hey guys, got back from virginia wednesday, I haven’t slept for a week. quite literally. when you’re naturally nocturnal and parents drag you around during the day and don’t let you rest, that tends to happen. Anyway, after I get some more sleep and get all caught up with my school work and the like, I should be back and ready to participate in the forums again. hopefully I can get back to this by next weekend.

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