What did I miss?

I left the forums alone for like a couple of months, are there any cool posts that would be fun to read?

Sorry for this random post by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well what do you normally read? If you’re looking to programme or write any mods for Stonehearth I’d have a look at the Bitcave run by @bitassassin or Learning how to mod Stonehearth by @neobonde.

If you liked looking at other people’s work then you’ve missed out on some seriously good stuff from people like: @RoseyNineOneOne @Froggy @voxel_pirate @TobiasSabathius @Pandemic (who also now has a thread for his web-series to come) @Paranundrox @EpicDwarf @Newf @Avairian @easto1a and countless others.

There’s also been discussions on other similar voxel games on Kickstarter such as DwarfCorp or general discussion of the ones people are looking forward to.

@Omnus has posted some pretty epic music too.

Or do you normally read other things?

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brew up your choice of caffeinated beverages, and kick back for a while my friend… lots to catch up on!


Well, I was mainly reading stuff about the game’s features and such :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean stuff by the devs? Coz if so if you didn’t watch them live then all their livestreams in which they modelled and talked about the game’s features that they’re implementing then you can watch the archives of them on Twitch on their channel RadiantEntertainment.

Unfortunately if you’re only looking in the forums, the devs don’t post too much and not really at all recently :crying_cat_face: I suppose that means they are getting on with Stonehearth though so I shouldn’t be too upset! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well yeah, but I really don’t have time to watch the streams, but not necessarily by devs themselves, like discussions on game features! :slight_smile:

Ahhh okay! Well there’s a discussion on Wizards currently going on. If you want to see more then just go on gameplay or suggestions and scroll through the topics you want :smile:

you can also get a wonderful digest of information from @Geoffers747’s Q&A thread… he and i have also put together another vital source of information, which we’ll be unveiling soon… :wink:

Oooh… a mysterious new ‘vital’ source of information?

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I know you missed two narrowly avoided nuclear conflict with two different kickstarter games over their use of Voxel Art and various game ideas. Tense times man.


Was that post removed? I can no longer find it, although it provided me some good entertainment whilst it lasted :wink:

July 23rd 2013, neva 4get.

I beg to differ, one narrowly avoided nuclear conflict, everyone was pretty positive about Dwarfcorp!

Nope it’s still floating around out there!

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Ahhh, it’s just a good thing that none of my qualifications are going to be based on my looking abilities :smile:

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you mean… this thread? which dare not speak its name??? :speak_no_evil:

That one! I remember now! I was too scared of it, the godly @Newf seemed to have gone mad with power :scream:

Exaggerating a bit with the nuclear war thing. I was glad the Kingcraft dev came in and was like “Woah guys, cool yerselfs”. He put things way more eloquently then I was about to (I have no tact :’( ). And yeah, Dwarfcorp actually went over really well, which I was glad about, that game looks amazing. :smiley:

So was I, up until the part where he created the second account to go off on one.

Same here, hadn’t heard about it until the post and it actually looks awesome, will be backing that soon!

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Yeah, when you commented that it was actually the same IP address my respect for the dev vanished pretty suddenly…until then I’d been rather impressed by how he’d handled it

Well, time for me to go back and read the entire thread.

Edit: Wow. Didn’t see that bit of it. Why would he defend himself so eloquently and then ruin all credibility that way?

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I have no idea, he seemed to have handled it so well…