Haven't played the game since December, where can I quickly catch up to what's new and what's coming next?

I guess the title explains it well enough, thanks!

In all honesty, you’re just going to have to dive through the forum. Really there’s no one (to my knowledge) that’s doing a youtube series of “What’s New In Stonehearth”.

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or i guess you could just read all the dev blogs…

What’s next? Not 100% sure but it will probably be taking what was implemented in alpha 10 even further,

So what’s been added?

  • Multi-story buildings
  • More slabs, (all of which are epic)
  • Water (Still needs a lot of work)
  • Zombies
  • Wolfs
  • Blacksmith
  • Mason
  • Goblin Camps
  • New build editor
  • Parties (can send hearthlings places in groups)
  • Looting
  • Carrots
  • Shops
  • Monies
  • Sheep and Shepard’s (not sure if this was after December though)
  • Hearthlings can now swim in air and water!
  • weresheeps

Think that’s it… I could have missed a lot but that’s the most important parts! :wink:

Hope that helped

Also the Twitch past live streams may be a good way to catch up if you wanna see it all!


But since December, we’ve gone through how many versions? Release 167 to 293 now? And each release had it’s own additions and changes.

ahem, you missed the weresheeps @Stoneheartfan… :wink:

A valiant attempt by @Stoneheartfan to condense all the changes!

In all honesty though @Quel you’re best chance of getting an overview would be to either sift through the dev blog, or perhaps check out the Kickstarter updates as they are fewer than the dev blogs.

Unfortunately I don’t believe there is a single document hat tracks changes … unless somebody is still updating the wiki?


Yeah you’ve got a really good point, I was thinking more of added features. But going through everything. Bugs, Added items, Game improvements would probably be as @8BitCrab said the dev blog that lists everything done to the game!

Oh and how could I have forgotten weresheeps my bad! I’ll add it to the list!

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LOL, good one. Personally I don’t think that things been updated since the Stonehearth Stone Age.

But honestly, @Quel, I think the fastest / shortest way to know what’s up is going to be the roadmap.


It’s VERY vague but it gets the point across.

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or perhaps even better the trello roadmap…