Is there an update coming?

Bought this game roughly 2 years ago and I haven’t really noticed any changes so I was wondering if the devs are working on anything at the moment?

How have you not noticed any changes? The Title screen changes every Alpha!

Updates happen every two months or so on the steam version, If you want something more frequent it’s in the unstable branch.

I’m always on the unstable branch, I was asking to get an idea on whats been worked on and to see what features we could expect in the future

If you want to know what is happening follow their youtube radiententertainment Or the main website StoneHearth. There is also a twitch where they make new and exiting advancements live:

So this recent update, update 20, focused on emotions and how your hearthlings feel about their surroundings. Hope this helps.


There is also a roadmap witch details planed, finished, and being worked on features. Though I did hear some where that it is a dad outdated (They said themselves. But they are also looking to revise it.



2 years ago? Well… they could barely finish houses back then, if at all. Ha.

on there is a full 18 pages from 2 years until today of every change and dev blog. And on each page is about 6-10 links for each blog they’ve had. That’s a LOT of information and updates. More than i could possible hope to list here…

As @Nar5ial has shown, there’s a ton of resources you can use to catch yourself up on what’s been going on. I suggest you start there.

Good luck and enjoy. Each blog and stream is very entertaining if you haven’t had the joy of watching any so far. :slight_smile: