When do all the updates of Stonehearth come out on steam?

Currently I have been playing LOADS of Stonehearth on steam and watching loads of videos on youtube, but LOADS of the things ive seen on youtube has not come out on the steam version, Why not? Cause it looks GREAT!

perhaps you should activate the beta function :wink:

steam is the only plattform where you can get the latest unstable builds ^^



If this Works, THANK YOU SO MUCH! :smiley: I just really like this game , sorry!

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BTW, how do i know if it has updated

it shows in the library (lastest) after stonehearth ^^ also there is at the moment only the version 10.5-10 (which is also stable) xD

the next unstable should be release at monday for alpha 11 :wink:


Am i doing it wrong then? Ive changed the BETAS option to latest, then i clicked close, and nothing has changed. And it still has the same name “Stonehearth”

Any Ideas anyone? :yum: Anyone?

Please answer as quickly as possible!

This might be because of there’s currently nothing new on the latest build, we should (maybe) expect something next week. :wink:

I’m curious what videos you saw though, were it from a let’s player or a dev blog?

If it’s the former then the player must have used some mod.
If it’s from the dev blog then it was a peek into the next alpha update which, as I said earlier, should come up sometime next week.


Thank you, this is the video i was watching as well : Stonehearth Alpha 9 - Downfall of Chieftain Haaki... - E.2

like saied in my post there is at the moment no unstable ^^ have patience for monday :wink:

and because of the videos do you mean the twitch stream with Tom or Tony? or perhaps they letsplayer use some mods - normally they name also which mod they use xD

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ok now i have no i idae what you mean xD he plays a modfree stable9 version and you have now 10.5-10 with lots of more stuff then he has in his video xD

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:D. Do I have more stuff, that goblin settlement though, were do you find it?

You need 3500 net worth before they show up. So get going and build stuff! :smile:


So much I dont know :D, thank you all very much for your time!

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just check the website - there are lots of infos :wink:


Hi me again :D, you said there was going to be an update on monday , yesterday monday, or next week monday?

Good question :wink: in the last Stream He mentioned this monday but perhaps today as Desktop tuesdasy???

I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only impatient SH player :wink: Tom definitely said that the Alpha 11 update will come on Monday after 4th of July, so here I am… sitting and waiting for my crates :wink:


they got to caught up in celebrating 4th of July they forgot about stonehearth :wink: