Update on the Dev Roadmap?

Hey Radiant team! From what I’ve seen so far, StoneHearth is coming along quite swell. :smile:

I’m just curious if/when the Dev Roadmap will be updated. It helps following the blog, but a glance at the Dev Roadmap pic provides an even quicker summary of things, in my opinion.

Best of luck with the game! Looking forward to Mac release.


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I’ve wondered that as well, since for the past few weeks it hasn’t changed. My conclusion is that maybe the roadmap represents the current version of the game–since there hasn’t been a release for a couple weeks, the roadmap hasn’t been updated either. I was actually waiting till the next release (hopefully this week!) to see if my hypothesis was correct :wink:

Of course if anyone in a more official capacity wants to elucidate, they’ll be able to tell you with more assurance than I.

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Well the Devs have been spending a lot of time fixing bugs in the current version (especally the stuck workers bug). Some of the bugs were major and had a far reach so I’d imagine development of some other features have been fairly delayed.

As the AI update has entered the testing phase I’m sure the next update will be out and the roadmap should be updated shortly after.

thats precisely what it is… :+1:

it loosely translates into the main areas of development, and the current priorities within each area… as releases roll out, the road map is adjusted, depending on what changes made it into that particular release…


We saw an update on the 7th January:


Much of the progress since then has been tied up with sorting out the AI issues.

@SteveAdamo has summed it up perfectly for all involved, I just felt left out and needed to comment :slight_smile:

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ever the bridesmaid my friend, ever the bridesmaid… :wedding:

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…After 4 solid days of doing nothing but testing and fixing bugs, I can tell you that if we updated the roadmap to show exactly how we’re doing, we’d have deleted a bunch of green and then added it right back. :wink: Forward!


i imagine its something like this, yes? :smile:


Well, I appreciate the hard work, nonetheless! Again, I don’t expect to rely on the roadmap for observing the overall progress- that’s what the blog itself is for! :smiley: I just hope we can expect to see more green on the roadmap by summer. :sunny:

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Please, have more attention to the DevMap on the Website … Especially for the Percent Rates … So, we could know how much Progress you Perform Every Little Update … And thanks for Everything 'cause it’s really so Beautiful Game Regardless that I wished if didn’t have any Demonic things … I mean Monsters, Skeletons or whatever … I though that it would be Better if it has some … Bandits if we could say or something more Realistic … Anyway don’t have a lot Attention to me too because of my Bad English … and thanks again … :slight_smile:

well its a made up world that RE whats to have i prefer the goblins because then it makes it very easy to tell if your zoomed out if thats your guy or enemy. also they do have plans for pirates of some sorts.

if dont want to read this paragraph go down to the Point
also on the dev map i think they update it with very stable release so the desktop tuesdays is what you have to use and say o look this is change because they do want secrets still until release or when they tell us bout it. also its just easier for them to update it after a stable because if they change something got to go and change the map as well just takes to long, when there are people who just want the work for the game to be released early than update a dev map.

Point: it takes time to do a dev map that could be used on updating the game to release early and its easier to update the map with a stable release.

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Well, thanks for Replaying BlackArcher52 … so I guess you’re right … :slight_smile:


Can you start posting a log of updates to the Dev Roadmap, stating what features and enhancements have moved which percentages and when? I’m a little hesitant to ask, since I suspect you might not want to set precedents and expectations around what constitutes a particular percentage increase, so in that case, a big ole honkin’ disclaimer would be in order. Or just not post the log :smile:

Can the roadmap not be updated now? After the almost stable Alpha 8?

I mean Goblins are done, Mining is not perfect but very well done, sheperd is done,…

Or is the team waiting to be it completly finished?

they will not update if it a dev build. they only update on true release of the them. so the builds that are on humble bundle and steam that is when the roadmap is updated

its not just goblins in the roadmap. it also says roaming monsters.

Mining is not even close to being done i would say. i mean there is so much for you to do in the mining world that does not exist in the game now. but im guessing

shepherd, i have no clue what they are going to do with

Alpha 8 still needs a fair bit of work, if only because it tends to persistently throw out game-ending bugs around Day 8.

The surprising thing looking at the Dev Roadmap right now is how much of the core game they’ve actually completed. I mean, the game is still pretty bare-bones, but the bones are mostly there; the only really major major game element on that roadmap that isn’t at least partly implemented is water. Everything else (seasons, advanced classes, more varied types of monsters and enemies, etc) all seem more like matters of adding additional content rather than developing new game systems. Even multiple-story buildings are technically in game right now, they’re just awkward and difficult to actually build; that’s more an interface/ui issue than an engine one.

I suspect the biggest hurdle from here on out actually isn’t on that roadmap – simple memory issues. Even with Dwarf Fortress, most people tended to abandon their forts along about the time they hit 100+ settlers just because of memory and processor speed problems, and that was with ASCII graphics! Of course, the Radiant guys are professional programmers, whereas Toady is self-taught, so hopefully they can be a little more efficient.