[Dev Blog] On the Winding Alpha Road



this is just a stupendously awesome update… prioritized roadmap? new class, with related crafting options? WASD controls!?!

i r elated… :smile:


It’s great to see tasks prioritised to fit the most pressing needs!

Not that I should be surprised with Radiant’s track record to date :smiley:

Onwards @SteveAdamo onwards to the glorious light!


Woo! WASD! Goood goood stuff

The sheep look so cute, I want to strap them with bottles of hydrogen peroxide on 'em and just light a match! (Remotely, of course. Someone else can explode them.)

Pretty cool stuff. I am getting more and more aroused every Tuesday.

amen brother!! :pray:

im going to assume, based on your accent from the Youtube video, that English isnt your native language… as such, im also going to assume you meant “excited”… :wink:

I know exactly what both of the words mean. slowly walks away


You have to be very firm with Steve, show him who the real boss is, although it might get pretty hard and scary.

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Please don’t tell me you and @SteveAdamo are starting a Stonehearth dev cult…not now…it’s so inconvenient.

there are so many NSFW remarks you’ve set me up for here, its just too easy…

starting?!? oh my… you are new here, arent you… :smile:

(from the blog post)

Above-ground resources (stone, plants, etc)

i know this is in reference to the weaver, but a little part of me is holding out hope that stone will be included in the resources we can gather as well… :wink:

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Nothing says Desktop Tuesday like causal innuendo.


We can do resource nodes right now. If we could modify the terrain and somehow target the terrain we could even strip stone that way. That might be worth investigating actually.

Have to agree with @SteveAdamo aka Stevey that this update was awesom, now if they would just tell us when this update is implemented :smiling_imp:

but that would spoil the “fun”… now, with each new glorious day, you can fire up Steam, and see if you have a shiny new update waiting inside! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you know who else is hard and scary…?

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