Desktop Tuesday: Roadmap++, Part 1

##Other Announcements
Our weekly stream should happen as usual this week, on Thursday at 6:00pm PST. Our second quarterly update stream should also happen NEXT Wednesday, 5/10, at 8:30am PST.

Also, the year and a half since we last moved offices, we outgrew our previous space and needed to move again. So we’ve had a very busy week!

The new space is pretty awesome, has a nice view, and gives us even more room to grow:

Our amazing office manager, Kam, made us this Stonehearth lounge space. It was a complete surprise, and we were very touched:

And the wombat, as always, oversees us all:


Hi, I just wanted to use this as an opportunity to discuss new Roadmap updates.

Just saying, The item that I am most excited for, by far, is the enhancement of the progression. I find that your first Blacksmith should feel important and not just another class.


Hmmm . . . I’m going to be thinking of what I want when considering multiplayer. :merry: List on its way!


There’s very little which gets me excited more than seeing a roadmap “zoom out” – the promise of new high-level gameplay experience and more interweaving of features is music to my ears!

Yeah, it’s a lot more work and that means we’ll need to be patient for a lot longer; but I’m here because I enjoy the journey so this is just an extension of that… while I’m sure you guys are keen to sink your teeth into titans and the Northern Alliance and multiplayer and so on, I’m very glad you’ve chosen not to rush your way there. And I’m sure that, when we see the end result, many will agree with that choice!


cool showroom. glad for you.
it is in the same city from before ?

for the maproad, i think the base class not finished. need polish
(add founiture, butcher ? etc…)

Nice! Love the Zelda-ish style Allie went here!
I was about to complain where Multiplayer was, but then i noticed the cloud where the Multiplayer-island was and the dotted line leading there, well played…

Also am i the only one that has the pictures upside down?


Everything is just great but i have also a question. Where is the Multiplayer-Roadmap? Is this Feature suspended?

It’s hidden!
If you look at where the island used to be (in the upper left of the original island) there’s an island coverd with clouds!
(Whispers)it has dotted lines leading to it


ahhh ok also this small island maybe is for Multiplayer :smiley:

Thx for the Feedback :wink:

First of, great overview of all the currently planned features to be released. However, I feel like that the current focus is too much on the mechanics/features. While it is extremely nice to get building and ater working, it would be even better to introduce some gameplay aspects to complement it and create a more diverse alpha release. For instance:

Combine building and water updates with the geomancer: now you can not only build, but also shape your surroundings to create your perfect buildings (sky castles with farmplots and waterfalls anyone?)

Combine workshop upgrades with either more furniture or more decorative items: allows for more diverse workshops instead of just repeating the same few workshop related things over and over.

Combine combat updates with the magmasmith: Who wanted combat rebalancing, when you can have glowing footstep armour (what else is the magmasmith going to do).

This would not only make people excited for the mechanics being released, but allow for a more focused alpha released showcasing the current mechanic and what it can mean in term of gameplay.


Awesome news with the roadmap, thank you for providing it.
Looks great with the new place, but the vibe from the fireplace corner should be spread across the entire office in my opinion :content: @malley looks cramped at his workstation… might be better if there was some way (irl where code dont work) to fix that :merry:

I guess moving to a new place always is a struggle and with time you will settle in and create a great office.


And nothing for the backers of the Linux/macOS platforms.

Isn’t it just time to admit defeat and refund those who backed for other platforms than Windows as there will be nothing for them for years?

For me the most important thing is to get building fixed. Reverse tool working, walls that can be deleted, a “slice” tool for viewing buildings etc. Building has come so far since I started playing in alpha 5 or 6 and I can’t wait to see it fully working!

Then it would be awesome to see tier 3 and/or some more tier 2 buildings for the Ascendancy.


lol, why do i look cramped? i have the same amount of space as everyone else : ).


Some people have managed to get it running on Mac and Linux. There’s a thread with instructions and support for getting Stonehearth running on Macs, and someone recently started a thread showing how they got it running on Linux.

Some of the engine features will be a step in the right direction. I imagine they might have to entirely rewrite the renderer to make it portable, but they’ll have to overhaul the renderer some anyway for their art goals.

They have it running on Windows, I’m talking about the native support in the stretch goal. I can’t run StoneHearth on macOS and it looks like I won’t be able to for years.

None of us will be able to run the “real” Stonehearth on PC for years either. Welcome to Early Access – it’s the waiting game we all get to play while we wait for the main game to be done.

Right now, the dev team are prioritising the most important features to get one basic, fully-functional version of Stonehearth assembled. There’s not much point in porting half a game, then having to go back and port that content again with the other half added. And I can guarantee you that if they tried to port Stonehearth in its current form, it would take an extremely high focus of dev-time without actually giving Mac or Linux users the game they really want to play.

If you want to play “proper” Stonehearth, the finished version, you’ve got to wait for the devs to get it assembled and working before they can even look at successfully porting it.

Stretch goals are things that come after the main goals are completed, or get worked on in the breaks/down-time/waiting periods in-between work on the main goals. At the moment, the main goal is to get a fun game out of Stonehearth; making sure it’s available across all platforms is just a little later down the list. It doesn’t mean that it’s being ignored or shunned, just that they’ve got some bigger hurdles to get over right now.


The reason I’m probably the last person here banging on about the Linux/macOS versions is that the others have given up.

I think I’ll join them.

Fun update. Thanks for the new roadmap! Loving the new digs too.

@oldmacman Best of luck to you! Thanks for being here as long as you have.

It might just be the angle of the picture, the look on your concentrated face and the huge board next to you that makes it look that way :content: