Stonehearth Community Roadmap Board Discussion

Use this thread to discuss the Community Roadmap Board. Here’s a quick FAQ

Where’s the Board?
Right here, hosted on Trello.

What is the Roadmap Board for?
The roadmap board is a high level list of upcoming features, and how we will prioritize their development. The exciting part is, you get to vote on which features you would like to see developed first.

We’ll use this information on a regular basis for our planning updates, where possible, to help guide development in a way that best suits the community.

What do the cards represent?
Each card represents a varying amount of work towards adding a mid to high level feature in the game.

The order of the cards represents the order in which we will work on the features in that column, from top to bottom.

Card color represents the work status of each feature.

Green = Someone is actively working on the feature now

Blue = Someone will work on this as soon as we have someone available to work on it!

Yellow = We will implement this feature, we just don’t know when yet. We have no immediate plans to work on it, and will complete all green and blue items before considering work on this feature.

Orange = We know we will implement this feature eventually, but definitely not in the next few Alpha releases.

How do I vote?

  1. Sign up for a Trello account at
  2. Head over to the Stonehearth board
  3. Click a card you want to vote for, then click the “Vote” button

So you’ll work on the top voted features?
The voting will be an important factor in deciding what to work on next, but not the only factor. When choosing what to work on next, we consider many factors, like how long it will take to develop vs. impact on the game. In general, voting may affect the order that we work on items within a category (green, blue, etc), but will probably not move a feature from one category to another, like moving something from orange to green.


Love this thank you RE :-)! have a good day!

thought we might make this a “banner topic” as well, but I’m not sure how that appears for other folks… to me, it made little change…

at any rate, woohoo for the Trello board! :smile: :+1:

get to voting folks! :wink:


Voted! almost missed some as the were way to the right and I have a big screen cause I’m eyeball challenged lol

i like the idea of feedback on what is going to be worked, good work and good luck

i had to force myself to limit the number of votes i cast… :blush:

corresponding blog post, for those that want to comment there:


LOLLLL cool the sign shows me as use Guybrush Threepwood LOLLLL

Its great, I voted for some things Ive been waiting most (water! yay!) but where is streaming :’(

hey there @Argen … can you elaborate on this?

for the cookclass you can perhaps use the cookmod from @Froggy has already design lots of stuff and is willing to give it :smiley:

Love being able to toss in our two cents worth on the finer things and happy to know we are heard, but is there going to be an update today? all my hearthlings still sit/sleep together and no merchants of any type is saddening.

this is today’s Desktop Tuesday… i am sure @Tom will be streaming this evening as well… :+1:

as for the results so far, multi-story buildings and water are leading the charge! loving the turnout so far though… :smile:


I meant today’s twitch stream, but I guess it’ll be later as you said. I never get the right hour, so bad about calculating ttime differences.

2am gmt or something like that mainland europe is gmt+1

All voted up. I was hesitant to vote for any green things… as they were already in progress.

Awesome idea, Radiant! Way to keep the community involved.

@SteveAdamo I have already registered, then how to do, I don’t understand, can use GIF demonstrate??

Wow people really want these multi story buildings :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if the devs will see this, but I’m wondering about what happens after water considering it’s so popular on the board.

Eventually I assume there are going to be boats on the water.

Do you guys have any idea of how boats are going to work? Are they going to be more like buildings which move, or something more similar to units, or some other alternative? Just curious about what ideas you guys have so far for implementing navy gameplay.