Stonehearth Community Roadmap Board Discussion

You do like this:

First you click the link

Then you press the card you like.

Then press the vote button

This can be done once per card but remember to only vote at what you deem most important.


Really? one could sit there all day and click on one certain thing? doesn’t sound to informative in that case other then knowing one person REALLY wants something

Thank you very much!!! No wonder, the original is to click on the link above.

Yeah… this should be… limited…

EDIT: It only lets me vote once per card. So… not sure how you are doing it.


I think he meant that you can vote for every single optional card there is :stuck_out_tongue: I am also very interested about boats, they need to happen in my opinion!

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This is really nice,

And so I don’t mind telling what I voted for :stuck_out_tongue:

Building: Multistory 1st and interior walls 2nd

Gamemaster: Yeah Combat Campaigns (only thing to vote lol)

Gameplay: Ranged combat 1st and Designate ownership of beds, tables, etc. 2nd

Core Engine: 64-bit support 1st, Water 2nd, Save compatibility between versions 3rd

Bug fixes and Performance: Workers get stuck less 1st

Those are just my votes

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not as many^^ just one vote for one card :scream_cat:

Top 3

**1.**Multistory buildings-80
**2.**Combat campaigns-73

Comabt campaigns is winning 85 - 83 votes, its very intense this is

Its drawing again 86-86

Combat campaigns ahead again with one point

It seems i have misformulated myself what i meant was that there is no restriction on the amount of votes you make you could theoretically vote on every single card (It would be stupid though as that would basically be not voting.

Hmm someone got it :smiley:

its 88-87 to combat campaigns

drawing again 88-88

I don’t think we need to keep score more than once daily :slight_smile:
It will first be 2-3 days before the more frequent forum users have voted anyway.

no the most frequent users check over 10 times a day must keep updating 89-89

I commend Radiant Entertainment for seeking feedback from the community but I do have a couple of concerns;

  1. By following what the ‘community’ would like to see doesn’t this have the potential of derailing Radiant Entertainments own vision for Stonehearth?

  2. I’ve noticed on Trello that ‘Bug Fixes and Performance’ are listed and are colour coded yellow (Yellow = We will implement this feature, we just don’t know when yet. We have no immediate plans to work on it, and will complete all green and blue items before considering work on this feature). Surely bug fixes have to have a higher priority, as what’s the point of all these new features if the basic functionality doesn’t work?

Sorry for the negativity, but it’s my pessimistic nature seeping through.

91-91 its really intense combat campaigns keep peeking up and then multi-story buildings comes and levels it out, water has 71

OMG multi-story buildings has leaped ahead 97-91

These are valid issues.

  1. Yes, this means that we theoretically have more control over the actual development process of the game. Radiant does control what gets put on the board though, so as things are done, those cards are removed and they can focus on other things that remain. Their vision will come to fruition, it just may be several alphas before they get around to doing more trees and plants because everyone wants buildings.

  2. There are many reasons why bugs dont get worked on during alphas, but I too feel that those particular issues listed need to be much higher priority. The workers issue kills the game for me, so I only tend to play until my town grinds to a halt, then dont do much other than check out the boards til the next update.

I really dont think we need spam messages of the voting. Its useless, because people can check the trello on their own, and it is irrelevant. Combat is in green, meaning it will be done before anything in blue, so I don’t know why people are just pumping votes into it.

“More frequent users” meaning people who actually check the forum regularly as opposed to us that basically live here :stuck_out_tongue:

Both yes and no. Listening to the community will of course bring changes but it is mostly things they can see as a part of the game. The few changes they actually make in their original idea is often stuff where the community has argued furiously for it with very, very, very solid arguments. (This is to my experience anyway) The thing is what we are voting one is often lesser details and what we as a community would like to play with next.

Not negative it is valid question :smiley:

some people are too lazy

[quote=“thedrgnrbrn, post:40, topic:10843”]
Combat is in green, meaning it will be done before anything in blue, so I don’t know why people are just pumping votes into it
[/quote]well if there is a definite lead in multi-story buildings they’ll start developing that

[quote=“thorbjorn42gbf, post:41, topic:10843”]
“More frequent users” meaning people who actually check the forum regularly as opposed to us that basically live here
[/quote]dont we all :confused: