Roadmap needs update


Love the fact that the game is still moving forward, and I’m all for you using as much time on development as possible, but you really should try to keep the roadmap and trello up to date. My try to do it every time you release a new Alpha.

Thanks Peter


I second this notion maybe @8BitCrab can direct it to the dev or devs who’d be responsible for this?

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i believe @brad is the one who updates the roadmap and trello board


I think a lot has happened to the company since their last road map update. They are probably taking to reevaluation their goals for Stonehearth and once they finish that they’ll probably reupdate the road map. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the things decreased in completion percentage seeing as they are rebuilding and reworking a lot of things.

This was actually mentioned in the 2017 look-ahead blog.

As mentioned in Stephanie’s first Desktop Tuesday of the year, we’re in the process of doing some long term planning for the game. That means a focus on larger milestones such as introducing and building a meaningful game loop and less on incremental additions to individual features (which historically is what the roadmap tracked).

We’ll update the roadmap when we’re sure it’s an accurate representation of what we want to do next. That will take a a while longer…


That is great news!

Do we have an ETA on when we could expect the update? (e.g: Q2 2017)

(edit: I mean like when is your ideal deadline on updating it)

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Since @brad was being unspecific about even when they will have that down I’m sure it means everything is still up in the air and they aren’t even willing to commit to setting a date as to when the road map will be updated. I’m sure, since the dev team is usually very open with the community, when they have that figured out they will be more than happy to let us know.


Well yeah, that’s kinda obvious… but I mean it doesn’t hurt to say “Well, we hope to get the roadmap updated by ______, but there can always be things that delay it”

Instead of an open-ended deadline lol. Gives you more of a hope/hype and excitement that way, knowing it won’t be 3 year before we hear from an update.

Unless they don’t have an idea when? Then… Yeah, can understand but it’s also worrying :frowning:

I’m more curious if we’re gonna see an update to further complete it, or if the scope has changed and we’ll see the % complete drop :smiley: (I hope so, it means more stuff!)


I think the way @brad was speaking means that the scope of what they want to do has widened. A thing to consider is that the team has several new members as well as a bigger range of support from (riot?) So they’re going to have to plan out the next few moves before a longterm plan like a roadmap can be updated or altered for public view.


The roadmap and Trello board are now doing more harm than good. They make it look like the devs have done nothing for getting on a year. Better gone than wrong.

Plus new members mean new ideas and a greater range of skills to make things happen that may not have been considered before. I’m always excited when I see a new person has joined the team, it’s just like when ya get a new hearthling from your daily update! Another person lightens the load for everyone else and gives you another person to specialize in a particular craft.

I also agree the roadmap and Trello board are doing more harm than good. A lot of the stuff they’ve needed to expand on aren’t even covered by the roadmap. There have been great updates that don’t necessarily fall into any of the categories represented and a lot of work has gone into those features. It would be helpful if someone took a moment to update the page with his comment (make it the first thing folks will see at the top of the page) so folks doing a cursory review of progress don’t think the devs have just given up lol.