Project roadmap plans

You’ve converted me to an instant fan of this project. You all have captured my imagination with your wonderful pixel aesthetic as well as your dwarf fortress/city management gameplay.

I wanted to know if the team has a roadmap of what parts of the game you guys plan on completing in “x” time frame. Maybe not time from, but somewhat similar to how chucklefish (the starbound developers) have an online roadmap of the completed game features; here is an example roadmap.

Lastly, your in chrome UI is fantastic. Well done using html/js/css to accomplish such a playful, toy like UI. While not completely aesthetically similar, it does remind me a little bit of this chunky UI .

That is an awesome roadmap! Here’s a fixed link to it. I’d definitely like to do something like this for Stonehearth.

Thanks for the compliments on the UI. We want it to be good looking, fun, cute, and easy to use. Hopefully it’ll get even better as time goes on.

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I would kill to be able to have an exploration kind of mode. Perhaps you as the commander could play as a hero on the battlefield or just stroll about and admire your kingdom and settlers hard at work.

Really looking forward to seeing the final product. I shall wait with bated breath, gentlemen.

Sounds great, thanks for relinking the broken link…it has since been fixed.

I admire good ui. I myself am a ux consultative with a little over 7 years of industry experience. So I take ui and design very seriously.

You two have so many years of experience and it definitely shows, even at this early stage (love the house diagram when in the wireframing mode. It’s easy to understand, plus the quick animations make the experience smooth).

Here is an example of a side project I’m currently working on with a friend: 2DeadGamers - Homepage Comp (please enjoy my flavored text :blush: )

I’d love to check it out, but (and you’re going to laugh…) your dropbox link is broken for me. =)

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Horrible fat finger copying problems. I guess typing on your tablet can be damaging to your health. The link has been updated (* shoots self in face *)

Side note, my portfolio can be found in my profile…if my memory serves me right.

How long have you two been working on the UI for? I’m quite unfamiliar with the game dev processes, when do you start injecting the gui in to your dev builds?

It would be really nice if the roadmap had a date it was last updated. It’s nice to see what you guys are working on and how far you’ve progressed. It would be even better if it was more apparent how up to date that information is.


I was wondering that same thing. I cant remember if the road map has changed any since I last looked at it.