Community Trello Board Updated! (What's your most desired feature?)

We’ve just updated our Community Trello board – go take a look and vote for your most desired features.

And if you have questions, you can ask them here in this thread.


Is the medic the renamed cleric?
And is there any information on how the geomancer is going to transform terrain?

@brad, not a huge deal, but could you remove the extra labels from the Done items. At the moment, most are still labeled with In Progress which makes filtering cards not very useful.

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Maybe some Cards are a bit… ‘OutDated’

Y’know; sone have 600 and it existed for years and some are new and have like… 20

Maybe reset some cards so the votes themselves are a bit more Up To Date?


My most desired feature would be mutliplayer :smiley:

i think what trello most need is a bit of description for what each of the cards means. like for exemple

“New playable kingdoms” What exactly kingdoms this means? the kickstartes ones, newer ones, goblins?, undead?

Other thing, you guys can add more progress status for those cards, like bug fixes, new objects added, new mechanics and other stuff so is easier to see what is inside each card

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please change the inventory limit to unlimited.

or give an option for unlimited inventory.


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my most desired feature is soap…just saying.


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There are a few things I’d like to see that aren’t on that-there board.

One is the “Engineer” class (a kickstarter stretch goal) and things like dams, traps, windmills, and mechanical devices in general (seige engines?). (If this is what is meant by interactable map features that’s not clear).

Another is solving the ability of monsters to navigate across multiple z levels and/or fixing spawns so that monsters and hearthlings only spawn within navigable paths to your hearthlings.

Another is improved mining planning – I wish the game had multiple-z-level mining schematics in the way it allows for preplanned, saveable building schematics.


It would be awesome if carpenters could create wagons. So that farmers (or any other class) can carry around more items while working!

How it could work:
- Farmers put multiple crates of food in the wagon to make their trips from the farm to the capital city (or at least my capital city) shorter.
- Workers can bring a wagon of wood, stone, and/or clay to where they’re building. This could save time and make sure that workers don’t have to run back to the stockpile every few seconds!

Maybe the amount of wagons that are used in the specific task are specific to the size of task. For example: if workers were building a cottage, they would bring one wagon. But if it was large tower it could take five to ten (depending on the size and such.)

Anyway, thanks for reading guys!:smiley:


I thought about exploring new areas a bit. Here is what I came up with:

If you explore a new area, you have to send a exploration troop first. There is a menu were you can design the layout of your camp. When you want to explore a new area a waggon with some soldiers gets send to the border of the new area. Then you have to clear out some enemies in the new area. If you succeed you are allowed to build in the new area, but if you fail goblins start attacking you from the new area.

My most desired feature is water based enemys :smiley: Ones that can venture to the mainland and get onto the shore by boat or such. Mostly because I’ve found that little offshore islands are waaay to overpowered spots for a settlement. xD
(Literally was able to build up to 20 hearthlings before I needed to go to the mainland for more resources, and because I had gotten slightly bored.)


I looked at the roadmap on Trello, and I wanted to know, how are you going to approach Multiplayer being the third top voted thing in the whole page??

I havent even voted yet!

My guess is that they will stay the course and continue pushing toward beta to be feature complete before turning their attention to deep optimization and ultimately multiplayer.

They’ve talked a lot about how important it is that they continue to develop core game components over multiplayer, and that to do multiplayer now would require heavy optimization efforts which will largely be wasted effort until all the core game components are in place.

They still do optimize along the way, but try to avoid doing so unless necessary to ensure a good single player gaming experience.


Yeah, multiplayer will probably only be implemented once all major game features are in place.

Thats what I was assuming, I voted on assigning bed etc anyway :smiley:

A suggestion maybe take better party control out of Done as it now needs improving again since the introduction of A16, micromanagement of your hearthlings in combat takes way to many clicks.

We use the Trello boards and your votes there as input to our work and crafting our roadmap. It helps us understand what the community (or at least those of you who are voting!) is interested in. But just because something has the most votes (or even a lot of votes) doesn’t mean that we’ll be working on that next, or even soon. Feature development ultimately has to be driven by our vision for the game, and making sure that we do the right preparatory work before introducing a new feature.

As we’ve stated repeatedly, multiplayer is going to happen – but it won’t be introduced until after the single-player game is complete. It doesn’t make sense for us to introduce something that is as complex as multiplayer until the core mechanics of the game are all in place.

That said, we like to keep track of where the community’s interests lay, so we do value the Trello votes as we work through our roadmap. Please vote!


Thanks for the input I just wascquite surprised when I saw that I’d rather have new features than Multiplayer :stuck_out_tongue: