[Trello] what In Progress things are you excited for?

what thing from the In Progress cards on the Trello Board are you most excited to see in game?

ive been sitting on the Trello board for the last while, and @Tom just added stairs as a In Progress card :open_mouth:


also Crafting improvements: Multiple workbench types. Crafters of the same class will cooperate. is now active


And… Make Parties Easier to Control


[quote=“Solus, post:3, topic:12743”]
Make Parties Easier to Control
[/quote]changed the name to make it more… fitting.

things that are not there yet!!


haha, that’s probably what everyone’s thinking right now :smile:


I think Ranged combat will be great. It will add so much depth to combat to be able to build watch-towers with archers at the top, and it will be more interesting having more than just the footman in your battles.

And when goblins have archers, attacking their base will be much more difficult. This will make defeating the goblins once and for all a big challenge.


I’m personally looking forward to More varied roof, wall, and slab materials. More roof types and slabs are more than needed, At least for me (making like 3 worlds a day) Also the ability to add windows and doors to slabs would be more than epic!

If not that, Then the cook! Everything looks so exciting, It always surprises me as of late just how fast and much TR are doing!


Ranged combat! Not so much for the archers but more for the ability to mod in custom projectiles. Once arrows are in, you can create crossbows, ballistas, catapults, cannons, muskets, fireballs, ice spells, etc.

I’m also keen on seeing environmental stuff - especially rain and flooding mechanics, if planned


thats why im hoping ranged comes out soon :smile:

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I’m most excited about improved storage spaces and getting more things into the main campaign. More simulation stuff is always cool, but the game feels like it is progressing when you get more challenges to overcome.