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I suggested this idea to @yshan on the past stream and she said I should make a post regarding this idea.

I think it would be fun if there were some game related surveys on Perhaps even have a dedicated site page to surveys. Now before anyone confuses this idea with the community trello board I will explain the key difference. The trello board is in order for the devs to see what the community wants to see worked on next. The surveys would show what the community thought about all ready added content. To make this a little more clear here are some of the exampled I thought up.

What is your favorite hostile mob?

What is your favorite animation?

What is your favorite crop?

What is your favorite class?

What is your favorite hearthling model?

What is your preferred game speed?

Who is your favorite discourse moderator?

That’s all I got for now.

If you have any survey ideas share them below !


What is your favorite piece of furniture?

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I dunno about “favourite discourse mod”. Popularity contests serve no purpose and can lead to hurt feelings.
Also, only two that I know of are active, 8bitcrab and jomaxro, and I wouldn’t be asked pick between them.

Favourite race and biome, and favourite game difficulty, could be good additions.


Goblins of course, they have personality.

Blacksmith working his forge

Corn or wheat, love tall stocked field. Plus maybe cause i grew up in the country too lol

this guy is pretty burly, but there is another a female with white/pink long hair that looks cool too. Don’t have she died :frowning:

3 when i want stuff done quick, 1 if i just want to blueprint, 2 as it seems just normal speed to me and to take in the serenity

The Fine Comfy Bed

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Not the Fine Comfy bed?:wink:

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