Whoops. really delayed return

oh, whoops. wow. I can’t believe I forgot to come back here a while ago. oh that’s embarrassing.

hey guys. thanks to my nose clogging up for who knows why for the past month and a half, I haven’t really been able to sleep due to not being able to breathe. so that hasn’t really helped with my situation at school or the other things I’ve been doing. tomorrow I’ve got 5 programs to write for C++ class, as well, although I technically have until sunday to finish them all. and then there’s friends from game club who I’ve started playing guild wars 2 with, and I complete all the puzzles and jump puzzles for them because I’m awesome and stuff. and because they don’t like doing those so much so someone has to lol. add to that a take-home test for Discreet Math, and I’m gonna be swamped. all of that put together makes me still not really able to return in full yet. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be returning soon, just not this week. once I turn in all of my assignments and get some sleep, I’ll try to get some time to play new stonehearth builds and then return to the forums to help out people again.

sorry guys!


no worries! school/real-life take precedence … :wink:

we’ll be here when you get back, and good luck with your studies! :+1:


as Steve said, no worry’s, life should always be put before fun… :wink:

i’ll be waiting for your return…


…jomaxro doesn’t want to be left out of the moderator party…

Yes, as SteveAdamo and 8BitCrab said already, school, work, family, friends, real life!, definitely comes first. Please take your time to finish your semester strong, and just think that vacation is almost upon you (I would assume…)!