A (temporary) Farewell

Hi everyone I haven’t been so active on the forums lately for two reasons

One: I’m dealing with things in my life that involve councillors, physiologists so on so on so on.

Two: If that wasn’t enough School exams are coming up and if I want any chance of playing stone hearth at beta Release I need to pass on a C+ on everything (65%) and maths well…

Anyways What I’m saying is I’m going to be offline for about a month or so if not a little longer. I just want to say that some of your comments on the forums have kept me going and put a spring in my step and although this thread will most likely be closed moments after it’s activation I would like to proudly and crisply with a tear in my eye salute our awesome community

Hopefully see you guys sometime in December
Ryan “Rybilton”


Good luck, and see you in December

we’ll be here, waiting for ya Ryan… take all the time you need…

And not to forget that this might help you on your further steps in life (whatever you have in your mind)… good luck.

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I’ll be with you, I’ll be waiting for you, on the other side… :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck man! I hope you’ll succeed so we will see you back in December :slight_smile:


Study hard! Radiant is rooting for you! :slight_smile: