Hello and 'bye' all at once

First off, for those who recognize me from some earlier modding ideas, I know that I’m hardly a new face around here, but I’ve been so inactive I might as well be. For the rest, hello to you all as well.

During some earlier dialogues with the good folk of this community I believe I was a big enough of an idiot to promise I would stick around, after my idea was slated to not happen as the community project I’d have hope hoped it could be… and yet after less than two months poof… I vanished.

About that… No, I was not mad for getting less support than I’d hoped for; frustrated, maybe, but also somewhat relieved (especially now that I in hindsight can say I bit off more than I could chew :3). However shitty an attempt this may be, this is something of an apology to those I promised, that I’d stick around. Unfortunately ‘life happened’ and I got distracted for too long and nigh forgot about this forum after a while, so eventually I stopped checking in altogether.

While I apologize for the vanishing act, then no, I doubt I’ll actually become active here again; it might happen, but I unfortunately doubt it (No offense to the creators of the game or the people of the community; my current interests and pursuits just lie elsewhere).

Best wishes to the community and a genuine hope that you’ll remain as open and welcoming as I remember you were, back when I briefly was active among you.


May the wind be with you :slight_smile: