I'm sorry, too all players, modders and community

I know I haven’t been around much, to be honest I have been sick for the last 6 months, and not in a reg sick way. I don’t wanna say what it called, but it’s not good. And nothing I can do to stop it. So I have been getting things in order to prepare. I want to thank all of you and the Devs for everything through the years, its been a ride and enjoyments. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did. and keep it going and growing. From me, Ragner, Nile’s and Lily and all of Silverthorn Love you all :slight_smile:

Please support the ACE project. it take time to do a massive mod like that. And it looks really well done.
–I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my commitments to it. but I do check up, when I can, I give any all modders to ACE to use anything I made, and to use the other mods I worked on including and not limited to my Defenders mod (ask @Wiese2007), and Silverthorn buildings. Silverthorn Stories aka (Tales form Treetop Inn) Tale's from Tree Top Inn. (Silverthorn)

Lastly, Sorry I couldnt release the next Silverthorn builds, due to the fact of my situation.


I’m terribly sorry to hear this mate, and you should know you’re not letting anyone down – your contributions to this community have been wonderful but you owe us nothing, we’re just glad you were able to join us on this journey. I hope you can make the most of the good days, and enjoy a little more Stonehearth while you have the chance.

Your builds have been inspiring to this community, and there’s a good reason why your name is included in the Special Thanks section of the credits. When things are bleak and you worry about the things you couldn’t see through, remember that what you’ve already accomplished is nothing to ignore.

Thanks for your contributions to the game and the community, and for releasing your work so that your influence in this community will live on.


Thanks for everything @micheal_handy76_mh.

I wish you the best luck :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Sorry to hear about your health issues, Michael - see my message to you. Don’t give up fighting, don’t give in to defeat despite what doctors and others say, fight but fight smart. And don’t be shy to ask for moral / mental support and advice.


@micheal_handy76_mh we love you and all our thoughts and wishes are with you <3


Im very sorry to hear this @micheal_handy76_mh … i wish you all best and my wishes are with you! Also like @max2go said don´t give up and if you need us - we will support you!


Thanks all, I’m trying my best to stay hopeful. It’s just hard with me and having kids and all. But i trudge through it. I’m doing what i can to keep going. I just need to explain why i havent been around much. And yall are important to me, getting to know yall through the years. I at least owed an explanation. Also i need to get things prepared for everything. Not just here but personal too. Again i rarely check in lately too tired or sick to do so. And i promise yall i will fight the fight and wont give in. now or ever.