Tale's from Tree Top Inn. (Silverthorn)

Hey peeps. I love writing. (Even though not great at it) I would like to share a story I’m working on currently. It is not finished.

Let me start with some background, on Tree Top Inn and Silverthorn. Silverthorn is a mining village (refer to my screenshots in post alpha 7 screenshots). Tree Top Inn is where my villagers gather to be merry and eat.

:Excuse a few thing on this. It is being done on phone:

Story 1:

  "Well, hello there. I'm barkeep Larkin. What can I get you?" "I'll get that right away for you. Have a seat and enjoy our inn." "Do I know any tale's. Let's see. Hmmmmm, Oh here's one of many. This is one of the stories about our local hero Ragnar the Swordsman. He was commissioned from our mayor to dispose of the goblin chieftain in the area" "Want to here it? Well as he waited....."

The guard stood there, in front of mayor’s door. Looking at the man in front of him. The man stood very stern. He has dark short messy hair, blue eyes, and a firm jaw. He looked very young. But has seen a lot for his age. He is wearing leather armor, with a shield plate on his front chest. His steel sword strapped to his back. It looks like a two hander. The guard was hopeful. He knows this man reputation. He has heard the tale’s of his deeds.

“Just one more moment Sir Ragnar. I’m sorry the mayor is with Lily right now” the guard says. “If you could just have a seat with your friend, I’ll call you when the mayor is ready”

Niles sat there in his long red robes, his hood down, exposing his face. He has a long scare below his right black eye along his brown hairy cheek and chunk missing from top of his left ear. He is sitting there reading a book. His staff to his left leaning against the wall.

Niles retorts cheerfully. “Yes come sit my friend, come learn what I have read from this book we found. It is very Intre…”

“No time.” Ragnar blunted. “We are called here for important matters from the mayor. And we rush here quickly; as told and he is meeting with one of our own trappers. And we have to wait.” He said annoyed. “I could be doing other things more important right now.”

Niles interjected. “Patients. Just come and sit, he will call us when ready.” Ragnar went to sit down and waited.

Time passed. Niles was talking about the book. The mayors doors open wide. A female comes walking through as Ragnar looked on. She is beautiful, with long green hair, very wide oval eyes; that are hazel. She is wearing tight brown leather pants. A gold tunic and a brown vest. She has a Composite Bow slinged over her back. A dagger on her belt. He knows who she is. It is Lily the Trapper. But still thought it was odd she uses a bow for her job. As she turned her head to retort back to the room. She sees Ragnar looking at her. And smiled.

“It will be taken care of John!” She said and left.

“The mayor will see you now.” The guard said.

“Finally!” Ragnar snorted.

Ragnar and Niles walked right in. John sitting behind his desk writing on parchments.

“Ah just the man I wanted to see!” He said without looking up.

Ragnar looking at him. He is a big man with shaggy blonde hair and huge beard. Dressed in normal clothes.

“What is this important business you wanted to make me wait for?” Ragnar said.

“Sorry about that.” The mayor responded. “Look; down to business. You know the goblins have been increasing their raids lately. Well I have been informed that the goblin chieftain Gord has been bringing all the independent clans together, under his banner. IN the name of CID!!!; this can not happen. We must control this situation, before it gets out of hand. This is the reason I called you Ragnar.”

“And you want me to handle it!” Ragnar says.

“I know you can handle it, you and Niles. I need you to dispose of this Gord, before he rallies them all and they besiege Silverthorne. Once he is gone. The clans won’t get along and split apart.” The mayor says.

“Hmmm Gord you say. Where did he come from?” Ragnar asked.

“Not much is known. They say from the north. He showed up about a year ago, and has been gathering ever since.” Mayor responded. “Okay we might handle it. What do you think Niles?” Ragnar asked.

Niles responds. “Oh you know what I’m going to say, I don’t like goblins with a passion. Let’s do it!”

Ragnar looks back to the mayor. “Okay we will take care of it.”

John excitedly. “Great, but please be careful. He is quite intelligent.”

“Always!” Ragnar says confidently.

Ragnar and Niles left the mayor’s house ready to get on with it.

“We should stop by my house to pack up for this quest Niles.” Ragnar said.

“Yeah, I wonder if your father is home?” Niles asked aloud.

“Probably not, probably making more weapons and armor and tools with the new batch of ore they found mining.” Ragnar answered.

“Yeah you’re right Rag, well let’s go get provisions and get a good nights sleep.” Niles says.

The day passed and they slept peacefully. The next morning Ragnar is gather the gear.

“Guess he worked through the night.” He says to himself quietly.

Niles came out of the room he slept in. “Ready, my friend.” He said very happily.

“Yeah.” Ragnar said grumpily.

“Oh wake up, Rag. Your grumpiness is quite a bore!” Niles laughed.

They left town heading north to the woods. Making a few stops to rest and eat. It was peaceful, good day so far. The breeze keeping them cool this sunny day. As dusk arrived, They heard what sounded like a commotion.

Ragnar looked at Niles. “What could that be?”

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound pleasant!” Niles replied.

They ran to the sound. Upon entering the area, they see a woman with long green hair, surrounded by several goblins. Ragnar recognized the woman as Lily.

“We must help her Niles!” He yells.

Without a word, Niles goes right into motion. He begins to chant and forming a humanoid from clay in his hands.

With a yell. “ARGHH!” Ragnar draws his sword and rushes to the first goblin in sight, cutting a huge slash in his back, from top to bottom. He dropped dead after one blow. Lily seeing an opening to rush out. With bow in hand she fires a shot at the goblin trying to get to her. She hits him in the leg with the loud “thunk” he fell wounded. Another tried to rush her, but Ragnar intervened, tripping him and cutting him in the back, with his sword, wounding him. Wounded hard he crawls off.

“Are you okay?” Ragnar says to Lily.

“Yes!” She says. “Thanks for show…” A arrow whiz by her head.

“Get them, only three!” A goblin says aloud.

“No time to talk!” Ragnar explained to Lily.

As the battle fully begins, Niles finishes his chant “Rockum.tillis. I summon thee!” A rock golem has formed over the first wounded goblin. It looks down at the goblin and grunts a low growl. Swinging down it’s mighty arms hard. “Splat” the goblin went.

“That’s two down.” Niles replies greatly.

“Get geomancer!” A goblin yells. Another arrow fly’s at Niles, but Niles was already chanting quickly. A wall of earth form’s in front of him. “PING” the arrow bounces harmlessly to another direction. Ragnar looks over at Niles.

“Predictable” Niles yells.

Ragnar smiles. “Time to go to work!” And with a flurry, he begins his dance of death. Quickly downing three more goblins. Two goblins in the trees aim at him. With their arrows knocked and ready. One fires. But the other is downed by a arrow from Lily.

“Watch it…” She yells. But before the arrow hits; the golem steps up and blocks the shot. Then the goblin jumps down, pulling his axe and joins two others rushing Ragnar. They are smacked hard by the golem knocking them to the ground. Ragnar steps up and finishes them. The last three goblins rush Niles, splitting apart to get around wall. But another quick chant from Niles shatters the wall in a explosion. Blasting the goblins. Killing two with earth shards. The other makes a break for the woods.

“Get him!” Niles screams. Lily already readied an arrow and fires. Hitting him in the back of the head. Dropping him flat.

With the battle over. Lily, Ragnar, and Niles standing among the fallin.

“Why are you way out here Lily?” Ragnar asked.

“I was tracking this band of goblins, watching their movements. I guess they thought they was being followed. And they wasn’t wrong, one circled around and trapped me in. That when you happened upon this situation.” She replied.

“Thanks Rockum!” Niles says and dismiss the golem.

“I don’t understand though, why are you out so far. You are not a warrior or…” Ragnar says but is interrupted by Lily ,as she see’s a blood trail to the woods.

“Looks like one got away!” She exclaimed.

“Darn he ran, Niles can you track his movement?” Ragnar asked annoyed.

Niles bends down, putting his hand down on the ground. Chanting, feeling the earth, feeling the motions.

“He must have left during the commotion. He is heading north. Already has a lead on us.” Niles says.

“The main encampment is north.” Lily replies.

Ragnar looked at her stunned “Lily your not a trapper are you?” He questioned.

She smile’s “Not your average trapper!” She says.

“Well how far is the encampment then?” Ragnar asked baffled.

She responds. “Two days out.”

Ragner exclaims quickly. “We need to catch him!”.

“No worries.” Niles says confidently. “He is badly wounded, he won’t get far. We have time to camp and catch him tomorrow. And I am spent.” They make camp for the night…

....."Excuse me I have a patron here that I must help. I'll be right back.   Why hello there, I'm barkeep Larkin. What can I get you?".     To be continued.

Sorry I have more but doing this on my phone. My fingers are tired. Please let me know what y’all think. I’m using this to tell my lore for Silverthorne. If you all want to contribute or pass tale’s of your town in my inn. You are more then welcome. Thanks :smile:

While I continue work on the stories. Here is a small bio’s on my Characters of Silverthorne

Ragnar: Footman

Son of Jacob. He has dark short messy hair. Wears dark green leather pants, leather armor with a steel chest plate.
and carries a two hander sword. He is very impatient. And quick to draw.

He came to Silverthorne with his father (Jacob) and Mother. Raised most of his life in Silverthorne, He was expected to take over for his father. Ragnar had no passion for Blacksmithing, always adventuring in the woods. He ended up following the footsteps of another. Becoming a footman and protecting this town from threats. He met a Rabbit named Niles and the two became very good friends through many adventures.

Niles: Geomancer

Niles is from the Rabbit Clan in the area. He has Brown fur. Black eyes. He carries a scar under his right eye down to his cheek. Always wearing dark red robes and a brown long staff in his right hand.

Not much is really known about him. He is very cheerful and patient. He does not like goblins at all, and will drop as many as possible. Him and Ragnar are very good friends. Always watching each others backs. He tries to keep Ragnar calm and patient. He loves the adventure that Ragnar and he goes on.

Lily: Trapper/Archer

Lily is very beautiful with wide oval eyes and has green long hair, brown leather pants, a gold tunic and brown vest on.
Always a composite bow on her back.

Lily also came to Silverthorne with her parents. Following her Fathers career, she became a trapper. She took up the bow from her mother. Combining the two she found it to be more efficient in her job. She is always scouting for threats to Silverthorne, for Mayor John.

John: Mayor

A big man with blonde hair.and a big burly beard. Always in plain clothes. He is very committed to Silverthorne and it growth. He use to be a worker in the town. But the people in Silverthorne made him the Mayor after the last Mayor died.

Jacob: Blacksmith

Jacob has dark hair. Well built for slinging the hammer all day. You can always catch him in his shop working.

Ragnar’s Father and Blacksmither of Silverthorne. Always working to make sure the soldiers are geared and items are stocked. Thinking his son would follow in his footstep, he had a very joyful life. When his wife had moved on the the afterlife. He concentrated more on his work, and nothing else. He does not approve of his son choice in his career.

Larkin: Barkeep

The locale owner and barkeep of Tree Top Inn. A heavy set man of joy and friendship.

If you need anything this man can get it. He loves to talk and tell tale’s of the locale area, and loves to hear them too.

This will be updated as my stories go on. and new characters are added. and as always if you like my story, let me know and if you want to pass some of your’s along you are more then welcome.


Best story ever. :smile:

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Absolutely love it @micheal_handy76_mh it explores the geomancer class very well, not to mention maintains a very stonehearth relationship to all the characters and events. Now to begin nit picking…Do not misunderstand my corrections as a way to put you down, rather look at them as a way to help you get better with writing. May I suggest that whenever someone speaks make it a separate paragraph. That way you will have a much more clean and understandable story.

Btw get rid of all the indentions on your post to get rid of the grey boxes ( if you don’t want them that is)

Great to see another writer on the discourse :slight_smile: The only way to get better is to write more.

I would get rid of the word As, it isn’t a good way to open a story, and it is also redundant, you said "well as he waited’ already

I love all the description you give in this story, draws the reader in.

I would take away or modify “glanced at the rabbit” it wasn’t until the second time around when I realized that the rabbit wasn’t the friend Ragnar was suppose to sit next to.

For the sake of later in the story it makes more sense for it to be a bow, maybe a long bow or composite bow. Simply because reloading even the easiest crossbow takes 30 seconds, and the average one would take about 1:30 to reload. And as she shoots three or four shots in the goblin fight, practically that is impossible.

Again, have to mention that I love how you tied so many Stonehearth concepts into your short story :smiley:

Not a problem, I enjoyed the amount you did already :smiley:

I may just take you up on that. And your welcome :wink:

-edit: It looks really good with the dialogue separate :smiley: Great work man!

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Thanks TurtleSquish. I dont get offended. I did a few of your suggestions. and your right about crossbow :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem, I enjoy short stories immensely, both writing and reading. And I have observed that the discourse doesn’t give so much support to writers.

Yeah its hard to keep the epicness of writing fit into practicality. Thats why it is good to have a second opinion.

Yeah true, I was going to go with hand crossbows, but I thought it would be too much with 1 in each hand. I got the idea from a pic on the net of stonehearth. but I wanted her to have a full single weapon, other then the dagger.

And the conclusion of this short story 1.

"Sorry about that"  "Ah another ale, No problem."  "Your very welcome, now where was I. Oh yes! They make camp for the night...."

Ragnar started shifting the fire around. Niles was sitting on a log, reading the book. Lily watched them curiously. Amazed. She knew of Ragnar and Niles and some of their exploits. She was glad they was here. So far from Silverthorne.

“So what are you reading Niles.” She asked curiously.

“Ah a book me and rag found awhile back. It’s very interesting.” Niles replied.

“How did you find it?” She said.

“Now that, my Lady; was an adventure.” He cheered “You see, Rag and I found an old abandoned mine. When we was out on a far patrol. Well both of us was curious, so we went in. The creature’s we faced, it was amazing right Rag?”

“Enough with the book, right now. Lily come clean with me. Why are you out here. And I want the truth!” Ragnar said frustrated.

Niles sat back, wide eyed. Surprised.

“Isn’t it obvious Rag. She is a tracker of some sort. Probably out here for the Mayor” Niles interjects quickly.

“Yes!” She replies to both. “I was sent out here, to watch the bands of goblins, No need to get in a uproar about it.”

Ragnar replies. “Yeah but you got caught and they would have ki…”

“But…they didn’t. Thankfully you showed up. Yeah I could have gotten two or maybe three of them. I’m a tracker, a trapper too, but I’m the eyes of Silverthorne.” She says angrily.

“Rag let it go. She’s alive. She can help. And we killed some nasty goblins. Now iI say we sleep. We need to get that last dirty goblin tomorrow, and have a long trek to the encampment.” Niles says

Ragnar replies sorrowfully. “Yeah, your right Niles. Sorry Lily! If you want to help. We can…”

“Of Course!” She says excitedly.

Ragnar readjust the fire for the cold night. "Ill keep watch first. I’ll wake you Niles when it is your turn.

“Okay, Night my friends.” Niles replies.

The night passes without incident. The next day they continued north in the woods. Again another peaceful day. The breeze keeping them cool. They find the last goblin dead by a tree.

“Died of his wound. Rag you whacked him good!” Nile said as he was looking over the goblin.

“GOOD! Then we still have the surprise” Ragnar states.

About three quarters of the way through the day, the woods start to give-way. The region begins to show more rocks and hills are forming, more barren.

“Rougher lands ahead.” Ragnar says.

“Ah yes, I feel more at home, among the rocks and hills.” Niles repies

“There should be cliffs coming up. Not too far ahead.” Lilys says. “They’re encampment should be at the bottom, if I remember last. We got here faster then I thought.”

Niles interjects. “Should we make camp then.”

“Yeah, but no fire. I don’t want to give us away.” Ragnar says.

They make camp behind a rock cropping, keeping the wind away this cold night.

“This should keep you warm a bit Lily.” Niles says, handing her a blanket.

“What about you.” She replies.

“I have fur!” He laughs.

She laughs too. “Oh, Okay thanks!”

“So Lily, What do you know about Gord, their chieftain?” Ragnar asked.

“All I know is that the goblins do what ever he wants. And he has killed the other small tribe leaders.” She says. “But I don’t know why. The mayor thinks that they just want to siege us, but maybe it might be more.”

“What makes you think that?” Ragnar replies.

“I don’t know. They seem more organized.With bands of 4 or more sent out, to give us trouble. And just a gut feeling.” She answers. “We need to approach this cautiously!”

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on taking on the whole encampment.” Ragnar says confidently.

“So what is the plan?” Niles interjects

“Well you see, here is what we are going to do…” Ragnar explains

They plan for the rest of the night, then eat and sleep. Each taking watch in turn. The next morning, they set out towards the cliffs.

“Are you sure this will work?” Lily asked to Ragnar.

“Oh yeah, it will work. Gord maybe smart, but the others are not.” Niles interjects

“I hope so.” She replies worriedly.

“Dont worry we got this!” Ragner smiles.

They make their way down the cliff path. As they get closer to the encampment. Ragnar looks at Niles

“I hope you got enough rest for this Niles!” he said

“Don’t you worry about me.” Niles replies. “Just wait for the Chaos. Then make your move.” Laughing as he splits from the group down a different path.

Ragnar and Lily make it about fifty yards from the encampment. Hiding behind some boulders, they sit and wait. Ragnar starts looking around, getting the lay of the land “Wow they must be lacked here, no real guards posted farther out. Ah their just goblins, hehe.” he thought to himself.

“Lily, You see that ledge there?” Ragnar says, pointing behind them.

“Yeah.” She replies.

He says to her. “Go up there slowly and out of sight. Wait there. When this begins I need you to cover me for any goblins that stay around Gord. Take them out as I rush him. Okay?” He smiles

Yeah, no problem, Just be careful." She says with a concerned look.

“Always” He replies confidently.

Lily make her way up the ledge, Not being seen. Ragnar watches her smiling.

“Oh this is going to be fun!” He says quietly too himself.

A few minutes later. A big ruckus starts on the other side of the large encampment.

“GOLEMS!” one of the goblins yells. “WE ARE ATTACKED!”

Ragnar watches as a fat goblin steps out of one of the tents. And he is quite fat. Yellow skinned. With a headband on his head decorated with bones, arranged in a pattern. He is wearing a torn leather shirt, and drapes below. With a staff in hand, a skull of a dead human on top.

He yells. “Take CARE of it.”

The goblins take off for the golems. except a few still with the fat one.

“That must be Gord. Wow he is fat. This will be easy!!!” Ragnar says to himself.

Ragnar steps out and draws his two-hander.

“ARHGGGG.” He Roars

He rushes Gord.

“HUMAN!” One goblins yells. They rush at him. Gord just stands there and watches with a smile.

“Thunk” Shot in the head, one of the goblins dropped by an arrow. Ragnar still rushing. Gord’s eyes widen in surprise. The other 2 still rushing at Ragnar. A second arrow drops another goblin. The 3rd shot missed. The last remaining goblin, with club in hand raised, ready to strike, as he gets to Ragnar. He swings, but Ragnar stops suddenly and parries the strike. Then with his boot, he kicks the goblin in the face. Stomping him to the ground.

“Stupid goblin!” he says as he swings to finish him quickly.

“Well I guess that just leaves you tubby.” Looking at Gord and smiling confidently.

“HahahaHAHAHA” Gord laughs loudly. “Little human, your in a world of hurt!”

“Lets do this!” Ragnar returns.

Gord raising his staff, muttering some jumbled words. Slams it to the ground. A green mist erupts from the bottom. Flowing towards Ragnar.

“Oh crap, he knows magic.” Ragnar says as he darts to evade the mist.

He hides behind a large rock.

"What to do? If Niles wasn’t distracting the rest, We could handle this together! Ragnar exclaims to himself.

“Come get me human, HAHAHA!” Gord Laughs. “OR DIE…”

An arrow hit the staff. Distracted, Gord looks up to find where it came from. The mist returns back to the staff. At that moment Ragnar rushes out from behind the rock.

“Eyes on the HUMAN, FATTY!” Ragnar yells.

Swinging his sword from the lower ground, going for a hard slash, with all his strength. He hit with a powerful slash, gutting Gord. Gord’s eyes ope wide. “WHA…” he drops.

“HA, got him, thanks Lily!” Ragnar says aloud. Looking at Lily perched on the ridge.

She smiles, then makes her way down. The chaos still going on, in the back of the encampment, they make their way there. What they see stuns them. Both wide eyed. Three golems are just ripping into the goblins. A stone barrier surrounding Niles on the center of battle shatters outward. Tearing into other goblins ranks. Ragnar and Lily duck for cover. All they hear is screaming and terror.

Once the dust settles, goblins laying everywhere. The few still around, run off in all directions in terror. In the center of it all was Niles and his three golems. He see Ragnar and smiles on his way over to them.

“Thanks Rockum, Stoney, and Clayub!” and dismisses the golems.

“BY CID!!! I didn’t know you had that in you?” Ragnar says stunned

“That was awesome, yet terrifying!” Lily interjects.

“Yeah, It was fun though, but that really burnt me out.” Niles says tiredly. “Those stinking goblins didn’t know what to do. HAHA!”

“Why didn’t you tell me you could do that?” Ragnar asked.

“I don’t like using that much energy, as you can tell” Niles replies.

“Well boy, I think it’s time to get back.” Lily retorts in.

“By the way, how did the chieftain go?” Niles asked.

“Easy!!” Ragnar laughs, winking at Lily.

“Yeah!!” Lily laughs.

As they was walking out of the destroyed encampment.

“HEY!!! Whats this.” Niles says, looking down among the debris. “It matches the other book we have, but on it, it says Volume II, interesting!”

“What is that book you have been reading?” Lily says aloud.

“Oh, a book on Dwarves. Lets go.” Niles replies.

And they make their way back towards Silverthorne

 "Well, I hoped you like my tale"  "Whats that, how did they find the first book?"  "How are Niles and Ragnar friends?""How did Lily become a tracker and an archer? Well those are other tale's to be told. Come by again and I'll tell you more. But I need to get back to my patrons. Please enjoy your stay at Tree Top Inn. Thanks for listening."  "Well hello there. I'm barkeep Larkin. What can I get you?"

Thanks, for reading my story, as always any comments are welcome. And you are more then wecome to tell your own tale’s at Tree Top Inn


I love the second half, now the only question remains which do I like better?

I don’t have anything major to say. There are a few points I would have done differently, but to each his own.

All in all, great story and character development. You put a lot of dialogue, something I personally don’t do much of, and you pulled it off very well.

Well done @micheal_handy76_mh well done indeed.

I love how you talk about goblins a lot, they are one of my favorite creatures that are/will be added in Stonehearth! :smiley:


Story 2

  "Hello patron. Welcome back. Barkeep Larkin here to get you what you need." I'll get that ale right away for you." "You want to hear another tale, hmmmm. Well let me tell about Ragnar and Niles, when they was scouting in the south."  "You see Ragnar and Niles was sent...."

South of Silverthorne Ragnar was out scouting ahead in the plains. He stood there among the small rock cropping. His two hander
strapped to his back. He wore dark green leather pant, his leather armor with a shield plate on his chest feeling cool.
Looking ahead he didn’t see much. lots of grass, and dirt. It was a barren plain. Mountains in the distance. Blue skies abound. The air was cool. Wind blowing his dark messy hair around.
He stepped out, to see more. But nothing was in sight. He turn to look at the edge of the woods. He sees, Niles in his red typical robes. Hood drawn. His long brown ears poking out the back
of the slits in the cloth. His staff in hand. Ready just in case of anything. Ragnar waves him forward, letting him know that everything was okay, nothing was found.
Nile pulls his hood back, revealing his brown furry face. A scar below his right black eye. Niles was of the Rabbit Clan, allies to Silverthorne. His Dark eyes fill with joy and disappointment.
he moves towards Ragnar casually.

“Everything is clear Niles” Ragnar says.

“Darn!” Niles replies disappointingly. “I was hoping for some action.”

Yeah, this is quite boring, But it has to be done I guess." Ragnar says. “I guess its time to move on.”

“Lets break and eat; Rag. I’m quite hungry.” Niles says.

"Yeah I’m hungry too. Okay! Rag says.

They sit by the rock cropping, and pull out lunch from there bags, Niles looking around. As he eats, he looks back to Ragnar.

“It is quite beautiful out here in the plains. So quiet and majestic. You can see all the way to the mountains” Niles says

“Yeah, but so boring. And I don’t know about majestic. Quiet I agree, too quiet for my taste.” Ragnar replies.

“Oh, come on Rag, you have to admit, it is majestic.” Niles says.

“I don’t know. Maybe. I feel more at home in the woods, close to Silverthorne.” Ragnar said.

“So how far do we need to go, or do you want to go?” Niles asked

“I say to the mountains, We’ll scout out there for a bit. If we find nothing then we’ll head back” Ragnar answered.

“Okay good. maybe we will see some action, or I hope so!” Niles replies

“Me too Niles, me too” Ragnar retorted.

Lunch end and they set off, continuing south to the mountains. The plains continued all day. Ragnar keeping his eyes open for any sight of goblins or anything else that could be a threat.
but nothing was still seen all day. Both Ragnar and Niles felt quite bored. As the night approached, they made camp.

“Looks like we will hit the mountains in the morning.” Niles said

“Yeah, we’ll scout that for the day. See if we find anything or any goings. Then we will head back the next morning after.” Ragnar answered

“Sounds good to me.” Niles says “Wow I’m quite tired. Do you want first watch Rag?”

“I’ll take it, sure. go get some sleep Niles. We may need your energy tomorrow?” Ragnar said.

Ragnar sitting on a small rock, keeping an eye out. Eating on his pumpkin mush left overs. That he saved “its too quiet out here. I cant stand this.” He was thinking. Drifting to sleep,
other thoughts started racing his mind.

“Why do you want to join the Footman. I don’t understand. I thought you would foll…” Jacob was saying

“Because Dad. I don’t want to be stuck in the house all day. Plus I can fight well and want to train to get better.” Ragnar interrupted “I thought you would support me in this.”

“And I thought you would follow in my footsteps and be a blacksmith.”

“Dad, you know i can’t do that. I don’t have the passion for it. Plus i feel I can do better out there, then in here” Ragnar said

“But…you can learn son. Please I don’t want…”

“I tried dad, remember, I’m no good at it. And i better out there. Can you just support my decisions in this.” Ragnar interrupted again

“No! I don’t want to lose my only son. I don’t want to lose you like your Mo…”

“Don’t you dare say it. I’m going. I can’t do this right now.” Ragnar cried. “I need to get to training.”

Ragnar wakes real quick. Looking back at camp seeing everything okay. Niles sleeping peacefully. “Whoa, i must have drifted off. Giving Niles that extra sleep should
do us good” Ragnar said to himself quietly. Looking back seeing the sun is coming up. He decieds it time to continue on. Ragnar wakes Niles. “Time to get a move on.” Ragner says
and begins packing up camp.

“You okay Rag.” Niles says

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just forgot to wake you and that rock wasn’t comfortable that’s all.” Ragnar answered.

“Do you need to rest a bit then.” Niles replies.

“No, I got enough. Let get going.” Ragnar says.

“Alright-y!” Niles says

They make their way to the mountain. following the visible path. The area start to show some tree’s and rocks. Being more cautious they continue on. scouting the area around.
They began to spot markings on some rocks.

“What do you think Niles?” Ragnar asked.

“Looks like goblins.” Niles replies smiling

“Good, this all wont be a waste of time.” Ragnar says, also smiling

They cautiously begin to follow the marks, trying to find the goblin camp. Using the rocks for cover. Up ahead they spot a fire burning stone. surrounded by that fire was four
goblins, dressed in ragged leather and crude helmets on. They are laughing and and pushing each other around.

“It baffles me you know Rag!” Niles says quietly.

“What does?” Ragners replied.

“How they can burn stone. I never could get that!” Niles said

“I don’t quite understand that either.” Ragnar says.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Niles asked. “I could just crush them all, with them just standing there as a group.”

“No, no. lets have some fun, I’ll take the two on the right, you get the left, Okay?” Ragnar replies.

“Alright-y, Lets do it then.” Niles says

Ragnar steps out from behind the rock.

“Now tell me. which one of you wants to die first.” Ragner says looking at the goblins

“H U M A N.” One of the Goblins says and begins to rush him.

“Guess you do!” Ragnar says.

The other three begin to rush Ragnar as well. Ragnar standing his ground, posed to strike the first goblin that gets to him. Niles steps out, already chanting. A big chunk of rock begins
to lift from the ground separating two goblins from the rest. They lose their balance and fall flat on their backs. As the first goblin, it’s ax poised to strike, he take a hard swing forward.
Ragnar steps out of the way, causing the goblins momentum to let him fall on his face. Just as quickly as he fell, Ragnars two hander sticks him in the back. disposing of him. With his back to the other goblin,
it swings at Ragnar. But Ragnar swings around his sword, using the dead goblin and sword as a pivot. The second goblins small broadsword strikes the two hander instead of Ragnar, surprising him. Ragnar kicks
him in the gut, doubling him over. Giving him enough time to get his sword up, and go in for a strike. The goblin looks up and see a huge sword heading for its skull, and then he sees darkness.
The other two goblin on their back, look up; a huge rock boulder floating above them. It starts to fall, going to crush them. One of the goblins rolls out, just in time, “SPLAT” he looks over and see his companion
underneath, it green blood pouring out. Looking back up, noticing the red robed figure, lifting his hand again. he jumps up quickly to try and gut him. An explosion happens next to him “BOOM”, he looks back at the
Rock again, and its earth shard heading at him, He wasn’t fast enough. It shreds him all over. His last thought was the red robes, dark red robes.

“Well, that was quick.” Niles says

Laughing “It was fun though” Ragnar says.

Looking around. Ragnar notices, that the stone has burned to ash, baffled he continues to search. Looking at the cliff face he notices a old mine almost fully covered, by rubble.
Niles see it too. Both curious they approach the entrance. Lots of fallen rock around. they peak in the small hole. It is wide inside, but very dark. they can see nothing but darkness.

“Interesting, what do you think Rag. should we go in” Niles says

“You know what I want to see whats inside too. Yeah lets do it. can you remove the rock.” Ragnar said.

“Really, you asked me that?” Niles laughs

Ragnar sits back as Niles removes the rocks from the entrance with ease.

“Ready!” Niles says when he is done

Looking in seeing the darkness fully. “Better be cautious Niles.” Ragnar says.

“Oh don’t worry. We got this. quite an adventure we gonna have today” Nile says, as they entered the mine

  "Oh excuse me, another patron wants another drink. I'll be right back. Hope your enjoying the tale so far."

To be cont…


Wow, I am impressed how fast you were able to pump another one of these out :smiley:

I really like it, especially the flashback of Ragnar. It starts filling the back story of his character.

Now for the few mistakes I saw and would like to point out.

Probably a simple

mistake, but the spacing needs work there.

I’m glad you said that, I didn’t realize that Niles was a Rabbit until now, the whole story makes more sense now.

That sentence is a mega fragment :stuck_out_tongue: maybe add something like “As he eats he begins to talk.”

I would change it to “Past thoughts started racing in his mind” to make it more clear.

Had a good laugh at that one.

Another great cliff hanger.

Awesome story man, again love the Stonehearth emphasis.


Thanks! yeah I pump this out in 6 hours. lol I played a lot of D&D back in the day, and DM’ed (1st edition, advance edition, and 2nd edition). My father made it family time. So I learned from him, how to pump stories out, quick

Yeah, auto correction for some reason does that.

Oh, I thought, the description gave that off in this story, and the last. LoL

You know, gotta keep it current to the state of Stonehearth

Working on second half now, this one I want a bit long, it is a dungeon crawl. So gotta flesh this one out. Plus I need to see what monsters are gonna be in SH. I don’t wanna just throw randomness in it.

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Maybe consider putting the above post as the first post. or maybe in the second post. that way you can keep editing it as you go along.

–Paging @steveadamo or @Geoffers747

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just let me know what you would like moved, and i’ll take care of it for ya… :smile:

The 3’rd post above your’s. The Character Bio post to the Top of the page here.

I wrote this for a different project of mine, however I realized I could quickly get this story to fit into this post. :smiley: so here it is.

“Welcome, what can I get you?” “Good choice, btw i’m barkeep Larkin.” “Nice to meet you to.” “You want to hear a story?” “Well here’s one from a fellow barkeep up in Stonefal.”

A lone wagon slowly made its way down the hill. Its wheels dug into the wet mud of the street. A grey cloaked rider sat in the front and spurred the horses on. Every few minutes he would have to climb down from his seat and clean the horses’ hooves. As they reached the bottom of the hill, the wagon driver glanced at the sky. The clouds were beginning to dissipate. The rest of the journey would be easier, he knew.

After allowing his horse some rest, the driver got back into his wagon and prepared to climb the next hill. As he rounded the top of this hill he spotted a man clad in brown at the side of the road. The driver scanned both sides of the street looking for any sign of bandits or any other sign of trouble. These were dark times, one couldn’t be too careful. After a moment or two the driver was convinced that the lone man was safe. He spurred his horses forward and came alongside the man.

“Ho thar, do ya need a lift?” The driver hailed.

The man turned to face the wagon. He had a powerful face with a broad nose. His eyes were solid and unwavering, but there was a light of dignity as well.

“Yes, that would suit me well.” The man answered with a ringing tone.

“I’m headin to Stonefal, I can take you there, or any place on the way.” The driver said as he extended a hand to help the man into the wagon.

The man’s brown overcoat fell back a little as he climbed up, exposing a fine silk garment underneath. The driver’s eyes widened, but he said nothing. They rode in silence for a few minutes. The driver decided he would try again.

“Sir, just say when ya wanta get off and I’ll rein in.” The driver said with a respect evident in his voice.
“I’ll go to Stonefal with you, ride on.” The man responded.

“So, what brings you to Uthem?” The driver asked, hoping to learn more about this strange man.
“Is that where we are? It is a beautiful country.” The man’s voice was sharp, he clearly was not going to discuss his business. They spent the rest of the trip in silence.

Night was falling as the wagon came into Stonefal. There was a smell of smoke in the air. They could hear the echoes from the mines. The wagon driver stopped his wagon opposite the inn.

“Thar ya are, sir. Stay safe.” The driver said.

The strange man reached into his coat and produced two Agtud crowns. The driver froze in shock. After a moment he stammered.

“I can’t take that kinda money, far too much for me.” He managed to get out.

“Take them, but tell no one you gave me a ride. And above all give no description of me to anyone.” The man said in a hushed tone. After dropping the two coins into the wagon, he put his hood on and hurried into the inn.


The inn also doubled as a tavern. The first floor was noisy and full of people. Waiters scurried around, bringing supper to the guests. The crowd hardly noticed the man with the brown hood and cloak. But the innkeeper did. It was his job to notice such things.

“What’ll ya have, a drink or supper. We have a delicious lamb cooking in the back.” The innkeeper asked.
“I’ll have supper, if it’s not too much trouble.” The man responded.

“Not a problem, I’ll have Perci bring it out in no time. Go find yourself a seat.” The innkeeper nodded to the tables. The brown cloaked man made no move to leave.

“How much does it cost me?” The man asked after a second.

“It’ll be two ninths and an extra for anything other than water.” The innkeeper said.

“How much is that in Agtud crowns?” The man rejoined innocently. The innkeeper’s eyes grew wide. The people nearby all looked at the cloaked man.

“Did you say ‘Agtud crowns’? Why, it’ll take a hundreds ninths to equal even one of em coins.” The innkeeper said after a second.

“Keep the change” The man said as he dropped the gold coin on the table. There was a collective gasp in the room. Everyone froze.

“I can’t take that sir, I couldn’t. Not for just one supper leastwise.” The innkeeper stammered. His voice sounded awfully loud in the hushed room. He felt himself turning red.

“Include my entire stay. I don’t have any other type of coin.” The man said, seemingly oblivious to everyone’s attention.

“What’s your name, stranger?” A tall rather dunk man asked from behind.

“Call me Bolt.” The cloaked man said back.

“Bolt is it, show me some of dem coins.” The drunk man said. The crowd tensed.

“Leave ‘im alone, Rob. His money is none of your business, or any of yours” The innkeeper said in a firm voice. He had recovered from his initial shock and was beginning to take control of the situation.

“Thank you, barkeep.” The man said. He then walked across the room and sat at an empty table. At a signal from the innkeeper the crowd began to talk, eat and drink again. The meal was served uneventfully (although there was definitely more food on Bolt’s plate then for the other patrons.)

After the meal was served Bolt went to his room.

“Well that’s all for now, I just saw someone walk in. Sorry i’ll have to finish the tale some other time.”

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Awesome so far. Great lead in. This is what I’m looking for share stories of your town and I hope others do too.

Is it “will” or “does”, not a biggie. I know this, you have the thought of both in your head lol.

I quite enjoyed that. I hope you continue the story, I would like to hear about Bolt and what he is all about.

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Thanks for pointing that out, it has been fixed.

Be warned, his tale shall not have a happy ending.

Happy, sad, terrifying, I enjoy all stories :stuck_out_tongue: .

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And here is part 2 apologies for all the names of regions and cities, this is from a different project.

“Where were we?” “Oh yes Bolt had just went to his room”

The next morning Bolt wake up late. The innkeeper was cleaning the tavern area.
“Am I too late for breakfast?” Bolt called.
“Huh, oh, its you. There isn’t any warm food left, I’ll have to warm some for you, sir.” The innkeeper began to move towards the kitchen.
“Its fine, just get me some cold food.” Bolt said, and he sat down by the bar.
The innkeeper came back with some food and placed it in front of Bolt.
“My names Myrto, didn’t get around to properly introduce myself last night.” The innkeeper said. He got a drink from the barrel and leaned against the bar.
“Call me Bolt. Nice to meet you.” Bolt responded.
“If you don’t mind me asking, where are ya from, and where ya headin?” Myrto asked.
“I’m from Agtud, or should I say North Agtud. And right now I have no idea where I am heading.” Bolt said back.
“Agtud, it’s been a while since we’ve met anyone from the capital up here. You’ve got the whole town in an uproar, practically everyone is talking about the rich man at the inn. Tell me, how are things at the capital?”
“Can I trust you to keep this quiet?” Bolt said in a low voice.
“Sure ya can, I’m a barkeep I hear all sorts of things. And I never say a word.” Myrto said in an equally low tone.
“I don’t know where to begin, but I’ll be frank. Agtud isn’t anything anymore. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Agtud is two cities, North and South. Both cities are grand from the outside, but the inside is rotted through and through. I hear that the mayors designed the city to be unchanging. It certainly feels that way. I got sent away from Agtud because I was asking questions, and provoking change. They seized all my property, but what little I could carry on me. I doubt if Agtud will still be standing in a year or two.” Bolt said in an earnest almost angry tone.
“Cid have mercy! Time are gettin rough aren’t they?” Myrto exclaimed.
“That’s not all. The authorities want me dead. I narrowly escaped with my life. Can you help me hide, or get me to someone who can?” Bolt said.
“I got some friends in lower Visen, I think you would be safe hiden thar. But first thing you gotta do is stop using those crowns. You’ll draw unwanted attention to yourself. I’ll tell you what, you stay in the inn for a day or two, I’ll go talk with some of them mine owners, and maybe they’ll trade some of their wealth for some of your crowns.” Myrto offered.
“Sounds like a plan, thank you for all your help.” Bolt said relief evident in his voice. He had taken a big risk to talk to Myrto. Myrto went out of the inn. Bolt left two crowns behind the bar before he went back to his room.
Two days later all the arrangements were made. Bolt set out with directions and a sign to tell Myrto’s friends. Myrto watched him go.
That very night, two envoys from Agtud came into Stonefal. They began asking questions, a few people mentioned the rich man, but none as vividly as the wagon driver. Myrto had to watch in silence. Bolt’s lead was short.

“Hate to do this you, but looks like I gotta close shop now. Next time we’ll finish the tale. Have a great night.”