Stonehearth lore index, and epochs

After a long and tedious search through the fan media section I have comprised most, if not all the short stories on the discourse. I gave each one a short description and gave the credit to the writer. In order to put them in time perspective and order the short stories I have broken the “history” of stonehearth into 14 epochs These epochs are NOT official, rather a conception of mine, I personally enjoy the concepts I put into them, but Team Radiant gets the final say.

Please tell me if your short story is not below, and if you think the epochs should be in a different order, or have something else to include. Also do you think I should make the Epochs and index in two separate posts?

Epoch 1 – Beginnings of civilization
Epoch 2 – Rise of titan civilization,
Epoch 3 – Golden age of Titan’s civilization
Epoch 4- Rise of humans (settlers), fall of titans
Epoch 6- Golden age of humans, nearly no titans
Epoch 7-Decline of humans increased titans, and monsters.
Epoch 8- dark ages. Mostly monsters, few titans and humans
Epoch 9- Grey ages. Cid, and the titan/human alliance
Epoch 10-Golden age of titan/human alliance
Epoch 11-Death of Cid, fall of titan/human alliance
Epoch 12- Titan human wars
Epoch 13- rise of humans, fall of titans
Epoch 14- Gameplay takes place here

Ancient books and scrolls
-Book of Elements - controversial book, which describes the beginning - pre-epoch 1 - written by @PyreStarite Original Post

-Book of Genesis (controversial book, which describes the beginning) (pre- epoch 1) (written by @Crazywolf) Original Post

-Scripture of the Book of Fire (controversial book, which describes the beginning) (pre-epoch 1)(written by @naturalnuke) Original Post

-Unknown scrolls of the Ancient tribes (Epoch 1) (written by @lepoard) Original Post

-Book of Mestsua (oldest book, describes the Mestsua civilization) (epoch 1) (written by me) Original post

-Poems of Hjon (describes the titan culture) (epoch 2-3) (yet to be written)

-Flight of Kylos (describes the epic tale of the Titan hero Kylos) (epoch 3-4) (yet to be written)

-Scroll of Dark (the words of an unknown soldier) (Epoch 4) (written by @naturalnuke) Original Post

-Scrolls of Tranquility (Epoch 4) (written by @untrustedlife)Original Post

-Book of Zion (describes the siege of Zion) (epoch 6) (Written by @TheThunderOne) Original Post

-Epic of Zug (describes the warlord Zug and his conquests) (epoch 8) (partly written by me, more to come later) Original Post

-The ballad of Burgton (describes the plague of Burgton) (unknown time) (written by @runBAMrunfaster) Original Post

-The Story of the Itcazie (describes the plague of the elves) (Pre-Epochs (Written by @naturalnuke) Original Post

-Tale of a Storyteller (describes the cycles of storytellers)(late Epoch 12)(written by me) Original Post

-Scripture of the Blocked World (cryptic, complex narrative of a settler and places) (written by @blackArcher52) (epoch 13 or 14) Original Post

-Epic of Gavin Fleeswood (the story of Gavin’s struggle for power and fame)(Epoch 13 or 14)(Written by @Swift_cube) Original Post

-Epic of Lydus(cryptic epic about Lydus the ax man)(epoch 13)(written by @Skull24) Original Post

-Struggle of the Masters(story of the complexity of the martial artists) (epoch 14) (written by me) Original Post

-Epic of the Cid Monastery (The heroic story of the monks that lived atop the mountain in honor of Cid)(Epoch 14)(Written by @untrustedlife) Original Post

-Narrative of an Engineer (the narrative of a modern engineer)(epoch 14)(written by @coasterspaul)Original Post

-Epic of the Coroda Brothers (The story of the Coroda Brothers and West Cherrygourd) (written by @Rybilton) (epoch 14) Prologue Original Post

-Spell Books of Creation (Wizard Max’s theory of the world)(written by @Maximus)(All epochs)Original Post

-The Trineology(description of the planes of existence according to Wizard Nar)(written by @Nar5ial)(All epochs)Original Post

-Tales from Tree Top Inn (stories about the heroes of/in the town of Silverthorne)(Written by @micheal_handy76_mh)(Epoch 13 or 14)Original Post

-The Curse of the Goblins (campfire story about greed and goblins) Written by @SprungCardinal8 (Epoch 14) Original Post

-The Quest for Revenge (tale of Goblins looking for revenge) Written by @Zilla (Epoch 14) Original Post

Big thanks to @naturalnuke for all his help.


Very nice compilation! Although I’m fairly certain there’s some more stories not here still from the Writers’ Workshop from last year (partially because I noticed none of my stories were included…).

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Yeah thanks for reminding me, I had intended to go through the writers’ workshops yesterday, i’ll try and get to them today.

-Edit to get more @ mentions i’m putting the writer’s workshop’s in this post instead. I’ll put in the links and the rest of the names later.

Writers Workshops
Writer’s Workshop 1 Week 1 - Why is everything cube shaped? Writers @XTheEmoPandaX @PDanford @DarkDitto @voxel_pirate @CableX17 @Pandemic (kinda) @ransombot @Miturion @Geoffers747
Writer’s Workshop 1, Week 2 - The Story of Mer Burlyhands. Writers @voxel_pirate @CableX17 @naturalnuke @RoseyNineOneOne @PDanford @DarkDitto
Writer’s Workshop 1 Week 3 - The First Battle. Writers @blackArcher52 @Arkelf @CableX17 @PDanford
Writer’s Workshop 1 Week 4 (finals) - The Adventures of Geomancer and her Golem. Writers @CableX17 @PDanford @voxel_pirate @RoseyNineOneOne

Writer’s Workshop 2 Week 1 - The Adventures of the Village Idiot. Writers @blackArcher52 @Smokestacks @Elven_Hero @PDanford
Writer’s Workshop 2 Week 2 - Who is Helping the Villagers Build their Settlement. Writers @Pdanford @blackArcher52
Writer’s Workshop 2 Week 3 - The Discovery of Magic in Stonehearth. Writers (can’t mention more then 30 names)

Writer’s Workshop 2 Week 4 (finals) - What Happens When Night Falls? Writers (can’t mention more then 30 names)
Big thanks to @naturalnuke for all his help.

Awesome but could post the link too? :slight_smile:

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I’ll try at @thorbjorn42gbf but it won’t be tonight, probably gradually over the next few days.
It would be nice if somebody else would help me compile the links and the writers workshop stories, if anybody is interested and is willing to do the “dirty” work please PM me thanks.

–Edit All the linking has been done, thanks for the suggestion @thorbjorn42gbf
-----Progress report, I completed the first and second writers workshop, more to come later.

@SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 is there anyway I can mention more then 30 people on this post? if not I’ll just say their name without an @

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hmm… are you hitting a limitation?

Yeah, when I tried to post it it said “can’t mention more then 30 names”

And now I will read through all of these. Thank you for all the hard work! This is so cool!


Thank you @TheThunderOne your kind words are much appreciated, makes all this work a little easier. I hope to hear some more of your short stories soon :smile:

Edit-Put some space in the post, makes it look less cluttered.

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My prologue on a short Folk tale I invented based off my save
I was told to add it here so here it is

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Sorry we had a bit of a misunderstanding :blush: meant that I added your short story to the lore index. But that looks good as well, so thanks for posting it here :slight_smile: