Stonehearth Universe!

I was thinking; how awesome would it be to have a big wiki-like site which describes the entire Stonehearth universe, including but not limited to races, animals etc. It would also be cool to - when the time comes - have big Stonehearth Universe multiplayer server with a map corresponding to data on the wiki. What do you guys say? I can do the hosting, and aquring a domain is no stress :slight_smile: This will be something completely different from a game wiki, it will simply describe the universe the game is set in and fictional capitals etc.

Sorry if I made your head explode, I’m horrible at explaining. Any interest in this?


you’re welcome to maintain this site! :smile: :+1:

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You didn’t read the entire post, I want a wiki detailing the Stonehearth universe, not game features etc.

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apologies… I did indeed miss this last bit…

it sounds like you want a wiki that pertains to the lore of Stonehearth? that’s not something that is really doable at this point, as @sdee hasn’t revealed much to date… interesting idea, but will have to wait for a while I suppose…