Official Wiki (Link in thread)

So there is an official wiki set up, obviously there isn’t much at the moment, but keep this bookmarked for future use!

Also, here’s the [url] announcement [/url] from Curse, so a big thank you to them!


Would be nice if we can get the AI graphic (about observers, intentions and actions) to put on there under a Modding > AI section!

it’s off to a solid start… :slight_smile:

Hey there,

looking through some of the pages of the stonehearth wiki I notice alot of the pages haven’t been edited since June\July. Anyone feeling to join movement to update the wiki? :slight_smile:

Here is the link: Official Stonehearth Wiki

I was made an admin over there a few months ago so if you want the home page changed or any pages deleted just let me know and I’ll see what I can do :blush:

Hm, how about updating the news every now and then? I think “Stonehearth Guru” is probably the least updated fan-page out there :disappointed:.

I am very sorry, after my last post I have had so much trouble with Curse temporarily locking me out of the site, not returning my emails, and not being able to fix glaring software bugs in their site management software so I gave up :disappointed:

I will probably try again sometime but they do not seem very keen on helping me. On top of this I prefer the style of the Discourse and have now come to associate it with Stonehearth.

The only thing the Discourse lacks is a news section. Perhaps @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 could consider adding a News category where only Dev. and Discourse updates are posted so all updates could be found in one place.

Forgive my frustration with Curse and my complete and utter off topic-ness. Please take this delicious cookie as a peace offering :cookie:


well, all blogs should already be housed under development…

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I’ve been working on a wiki page that includes some information on Radiant Entertainment and its’ development team. I dug up most of the team’s information on Linked In, (I know, I’m a stalker, however after sitting in on the @SteveAdamo trial I think I’ve learned enough to avoid a restraining order) but I’m wondering if I missed anyone. Any confirmations, additions, or changes to my list would be greatly appreciated. Without further ado here is the list of names I unearthed:

  • Tom Cannon (Art, Code)
  • Tony Cannon (Code)
  • Stephanie Dee (Code)
  • Chris Klochek (Code, Graphics)
  • Albert Wang (Code)
  • Doug (Sound Design)

dont quote me, but i believe @Doug’s last name is Prior?

Douglas Prior

A quick internet confirms his last name, Thanks! :smiley: Also the internet tells me he worked on some of The God of War games, how interesting.

does it mention that unfortunate “tramp stamp” he got during Spring Break of 06’?

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Yes it did, I wonder if his mother approves of those permanent profanities :wink:

I am sorry but you are wrong and so is @twip.

Whilst I am unsure of his parent’s motivations, they simply decided to call him ‘Doug’ - no ‘las’, and definitely no ‘Prior’.

The man, the myth, the legend … Doug.


I am sure a ‘‘wiki’’ is not so usefull at this stage of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard the name ‘‘Douglas’’ a lots of time during my past 14 years of living ^^

Well, obviously right now it’s not the most useful of tools (this thread is dated 17th May; midway through the kickstarter) when curse kindly set up the wiki.

But it’s nice to have something in place for when the game is out and people can start adding things :slight_smile:

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A modding wiki on the other hand could be useful, some way to start documenting the game should probably come round sooner or later, probably sooner given it’s a week till december and almost definitely less than a month till beta.

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An excellent idea I’d be more than happy to look setup a section on the current wiki, unless it would be better to set up a different wiki all together, thoughts?

I’d probably suggest something separate, since while it will be about Stonehearth it will be about things that have nothing at all to do with playing the game and could confuse people who go there looking for information on it. One for playing the game and one for modding the game essentially.