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Hey guys! Thunder here, and this thread is going to be the place to post all of those wonderful stories and lore that you guys have been creating in your minds. These stories could be anything from an epic battle to a tale of why there are no green birds. This story below is something that I created and it is about the siege of Zion, a massive fortress-city that is under siege from the fierce Emerald Blade, a tribe of Japanese Samurai Warriors who excel with mages and at killing. I hope you guys enjoy and any feedback is welcome!
The sky turned green as they threw themselves against our walls one more time. The green was a tell-tale sign that their mages were casting again, and there was nothing we could do to stop the destruction that was sure to follow. Our enemies knew no mercy, for they were taught that mercy only leads to loss of control, and the Emerald Blade is all about control.

The Emerald Blade has been sieging our beloved home of Zion for 4 days and 4 nights. It is actually surprising that we have been holding on for so long. The Blade has the best mages and magicians on this continent. The credit for our survival goes to Captain Gannon. He is the best fighter I have ever seen - well, except for maybe Tenshi no Shi (Angel of Death)- but I will talk about him later. Captain Gannon knows how to get the best out of his men, whether that’s through encouragement, intimidation, threats, bullying, compliments, or reassurances. That’s why when the green-veiled forces of the Emerald Blade were assaulting our castle at dawn of the 5th day, Captain Gannon was right in the thick of it.

“Hold your ground!” growled Gannon as the green-veiled terrors came shrieking over the walls. “I’ll skin the lot of ya if you let this hanky-coated lot of backstabbers get you runnin for mommy!” Gannon always had a way with words. Our archers managed to stop yet another round of siege ladders, but they were running low on arrows. There were hardly enough for 5 more volleys per archer, and Gannon knew that one way or another this siege would be over by nightfall.

Suddenly, the front gate was blasted open as the sky gave birth to fire and lightning. For some reason, this fire and lightning was a dark, emerald green. I had a sinking feeling in my heart as I realized the katana wielding forces of the Emerald Blade were pouring into our keep. Gannon spat out a curse, and suddenly he was as calm as a lake on a foggy morning. The only other time I had seen him so at peace was when he lost his arm in a fight with DarkStrider.

“Hold the line!” yelled Gannon as he strode toward the fighting. “We are not called the King’s Hope just to fall apart at the first sign of a real fight! If you have any scrape of honor to the oaths you took, then you will not let them pass!” The last of the reserve forces following him gave a roar of approval, and as Gannon clawed his huge Claymore off of his back, the King’s Hope charged into battle for the last time.

The battle was mayhem. There was nobody to direct the carnage, for all of the generals were either in battle or retreat. The Emerald Blade were ruthless fighters. All of their movements- their swings, their parries, their sidesteps, their running and jumping and flipping around- made us look like we had bowling balls stuck down our pants. But the King’s Hope would hold the line with their bodies spitted on spears if they must, because Captain Gannon told us to.

All around me, the screams of agony and roars of defiance tore at my ears. The smell of blood and death and fear coated everything in its rich embrace. The rush of adrenaline bloated out all thoughts, all other possible sensations. The only thing that you could comprehend was the fight in front of you. Slash, parry, dodge, shield bash and a bewildering series of sword attacks that left you with cuts all over, sweat on your face, and an enemy’s look of surprise and terror as he realizes that his chest is plastered all over the ground due to the killing blow of your sword you delivered. Never before had I seen our forces fight with such ferocity. But Captain Gannon had commanded it of us, and we did as he commanded.

Despite the courage and determination of the King’s hope, our line was being pushed back. Slowly, inexorably, the Emerald Blade pushed us deeper into the keep, even though every inch was soaked in blood and covered in bodies before we gave it up. The reason for our failure was covered in armor and wielded a samurai blade covered in blood. Tenshi no Shi, the Angel of Death. No man could stop him that day. Everything that came within the glittering arc of his blade would die. He fought in a grim silence, never, speaking, never giving orders or encouragement to his troops, and never once receiving a wound.

For some reason, the Emerald Blade pulled away from us for a few, glorious minutes of reprieve. As the Angel of Death strode out into the neutral line, I realized the reason for this cease fire. “I will fight Captain Gannon.” declared Tenshi in a tone that said it would be unwise to refuse him. “I will fight Gannon and when I win, your forces will surrender, and if you win, my forces will surrender.” His spoke in a clipped fashion, as if he had a hard time speaking English and he couldn’t understand why anyone would use such a disgusting language. He conveyed all of this without speaking, and at the same time his cold, expressionless eyes seemed to freeze men in place with fear. Every man in our force had a friend who died at his hands, and every man knew that he would never avenge his friend. Gannon, our one-armed general, said back in an equally cold and heartless fashion that I did not know he was capable off, said simply “Agreed.” And then he charged forward with a great roar that said he would not be so easy to defeat, and the duel had begun.

Gannon, who wielded his massive two-handed claymore with one hand as if it were a toy, who had faced the armies of Bunnylandia for 10 days by himself, who had strode through the fiery, ork infesed wastes of Mordor as if he were going for a Sunday walk, who had bargained with the Devil’s Mistresses and came out with the better end of the deal, who had cheated death again and again and again seemingly effortlessly, was pushed to his very limits in this fight with Tenshi no Shi. The Angel of Death was just too fast, to quick, to cunning, and he was gradually wearing down Gannon with small cuts and bruises that were impossible to block. Gannon felt a cold feeling in his heart as he realized the Oracle had been right; he had finally found an enemy he couldn’t beat. His huge swings of his Claymore that would have cut a man clean in half never even hit Tenshi’s sword. Gannon realized that he had to take a chance, a gamble he swore that he would never do again, even though it meant he would be crippled for life.

As the Angel of Death once again swung his katana at Gannon, instead of dodging, instead of blocking, instead of doing what every sane man would do and put up a fight, he lunged into the swing. As he sailed through the air towards what had to mean certain death, he threw away his Claymore and dragged out his hunting knife, more suitable for cutting bread then facing the Angel of Death himself. The sword pierced Gannon’s stomach, squarely in the middle of his belly. Without pausing, without screaming in agony at the mortal wound and sword sticking out his chest, he plunged his carving knife into Tenshi no Shi’s throat, killing him.

After the Angel of Death fell to the earth, dead just as so many who had met his sword, the keep was silent. No one moved, no one spoke, no one dared breathe for a full minute. Throughout it all, Captain Gannon of the King’s Hope stood there, coldly regarding the Emerald Blade even though he should have been on the ground dead with the sword sticking out of him like a huge pin. And then he spoke. “I have won. All of you must surrender to the King’s Hope.” He said so without grimacing, without any effort at all it seemed. He should have been dead from the massive wound in his stomach, but he was Captain Gannon of the King’s Hope, and he would not lie down and die when there was a job to do.

As one, the Emerald blade threw down their weapons and knelt down with their hands behind their heads. As one, the King’s Hope roared their approval and rushed forward to imprison their foes.

I, however, rushed forward and barely caught Gannon as he fell forward, exhausted and sick with death. I barely heard his whispered words as he died in my arms. “I gave my life for the kingdom and for you, my King. Preserve Zion’s beauty for time and all eternity. You once told me after I saved your life that I could have any wish granted, and I told you that serving you was gift enough. Now, I want my wish granted.” At this, I leaned forward, nodding my head and not noticing the tears streaming freely down my face. “Make sure that I have not died in vain, my King. Make sure that Zion will endure.” And with that, Captain Gannon went limp in my arms, dead as all the enemies of Zion who had tried to face Gannon. He gave his life for the kingdom that he loves, and for that he will always be remembered.


I haven’t read your post, I want to, I think it’s good to have a thread for all things that could be considered ‘fan fiction’, that’s part of the reason we created the Fan media category!

If you could go through and format your piece a bit more, paragraphs and the such, that would help everyone out a lot who want to read this! The wall of text can be a bit daunting, and anyway to make it easier to read has got to be good right? Apart from that, keep it up!

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Thanks man! I appreciate your support and I agree, the huge chunk of text is challenging to get through, and I will try to change that right now.


Your first paragraph break should be where the actual story starts. You start by discussing why you want to write a story and then in the same paragraph start telling the story. You could even define it more by bold-ing the first word of your actual story.

As for the actual story, I congratulate you for your contribution. I do however feel that it is too early for such fan fiction. The actual game lore has not been established at all. They are developing the lore and back stories for all the in game factions and mythology, from what I understand. From what little there has been said about it so far, I don’t feel your story will fit. The main reason being that they stated that magic is very rare and dangerous. In your story it seems to be very dominant.

I appreciate your efforts but perhaps they are best made after we see more of the fiction the actual team writes. I’m sure that we will start to see some of this before release, as this type of content does not require debugging.

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Heres my bit of lore for my dog guys, I thought I might post it here so more people who are not bothered to scroll down through all the other topics to find mine might read and enjoy it :wink:

first of all, welcome aboard @TheThunderOne:smiley:

second, the formatting paid off, as i was diligently reading up to this point, and then lost it… Bunnylandia? :smile:

so far though, you have pulled together some very nice fan fiction, and i hope you continue the effort…

Edited my post above, but I was too slow, looks like a few posts got in before I could hit update.

Yeah, I know that this is not really necessarily true, I just wanted to write a story where a town/city was under siege and a bit of a flowery explanation. I just thought that someone might be able to recreate a similar scenario with a mod or create Captain Gannon with Cubicle.

I like your ideas and I have looked at some of your creations and they look great! I think that you should spend some time and actually develop the Dog men and Frog Men some more. Right now all we now is there name and where they live pretty much, and it would be cool if you said like how their race is set up, whether its a kingdom or dictatorship or a bunch of different small villages. What I’m saying is just try to get into the specifics.

yeah lol I couldn’t think of a cool sounding army, and since there are bunnies in he game, I decided to just make a bunny army :smiley:

I actually am developing the dogmen (right now in fact) but I just have not bothered to put up the new stuff due to not much people taking a look at my stuff but I plan to make a class tree and all that soon

Nice story. I often suspected that a story had more effect on designing something than an discussion about some mechanic. And to have such an atmosphere in Stonehearth would be really nice.
I liked the Bunnyland as an idea but the name is just a bit off for such a dark story. Also I would never name a city Zion, but that is just me.

haha I really was just making something up when I said bunnyland but now that I think about it it IS a good idea. Hmmm, I must investigate this further…

a quick note to fans of… well, fan fiction… in addition to the Qubicle Competition that recently launched, we’re also going to be spinning up a creative writing (fan fiction) competition for those who arent masters at slinging voxels… :wink:

the basics of the competition will remain largely the same, but stay tuned for more details…


@SteveAdamo I am fully behind this Idea and am fully ready to blow away the competition with my amazing genius and beautiful looks!!!

Man that sounds awesome! For someone who enjoys creating voxel models but in fact might cause permanent blindness from looking at them this sounds like a great way to get involved. Thanks steve and geoffers!

Hi guys, Thunder here, and today I have for you some lore. This is just some made up lore I came up with concerning the titan in the game, Cthulu. As far as I can tell, this is actually an already created monster with its own background. But for the sake of fun we are going to create my own backstory!

Ancients. That is the name of the species who ruled the earth before the humans. Huge, monstrous beasts who brutally oppressed everything good in the world. The bunnies of Bunnylandia were forced to retreat into their burrows out of fear. It was a terrible time to be alive.

All of the Ancients were deformed and twisted beyond belief. They were so hideous it was almost unimaginable. Each of them had their own unique power, whether they could control the weather or spew lava from their eyeballs. But despite their fierce strength and cunning, their age was coming to a close.

In an epic battle between a dragon and an Ancient, the dragon was hurled from the top of a mountain into the ground. As he crashed into the earth, dead, all of his poison seeped from his corpse into the Holy Well of Lemonade. This was an acid dragon, you see. The Holy Well of Lemonade was the place where the leaders of the Ancients gathered for a ceremonial lemonade drinking as they discussed how best to rule the planet. All of the Ancient leaders became poisoned. As they realized they were dying and they had few days left, they forced all of the other Ancients to drink their spit so that the other Ancients wouldn’t take over their spots. A group of mother Ancients, not wanting their offspring to die, they hid them in hibernation in various safe places. This small group of surviving Ancients is now called the Titans. Eventually all of the Ancients died, letting the world gradually emerge from the ashes that the Ancients left.
Cthulu, being part squid twice removed from his mother’s side, was hidden in the ocean, buried beneath a layer of seahorses. He was freed from hibernation when a troop of goblins woke him up to fight the new human threat. Strangely, none of the goblins were seen again. Unfortunately for the humans, the last the Cthulu remembers from his childhood was a human not tasting as good as he wanted. Now he seeks revenge on all humans for this terrible injustice.

I realize that this is not really that much about Cthulu, but it is important I think to kind of outline where the Titans came from. If you guys have any different ideas about the history of Titans please put them in the comments! Thank you.

Let me just say, that is an amusing story that started out interesting and just got very silly very fast. Also, one eyebrow steadily rose as I was reading that, and I think its stuck to the ceiling now. :wink:

hahaha that is exactly what I was going for! Stonehearth does have a race of bunnies after all :wink:

hey forum dwellers… so, i’m putting together a rough draft of the fan-fiction competitions rules and information thread, similar to what we have for the Qubicle Competition… but i have a broad question to ask: should we approach this competition in the same basic way?

do we want to have themes for writing? weekly contests? i think creative writing is a pretty different undertaking than voxel modeling…

let us know what you think might make the most sense for a writing contest… personally, im leaning towards a monthly writing challenge, where the only guidelines would be in the amount of text you supply (upper and lower bands)… but maybe we could introduce a short story version, which would represent the weekly challenges, with the 4th week of the competition being the larger writing sample?

so, you could write a short story in any of the preceding 2 weeks, with the final two weeks being used to prepare and submit a more expansive story on the original work? the top short story entries can expand their writing for the 4th weeks showdown (and have a bit more time to develop it)?

tl;dr; what sort of writing competition would you all like to participate in? :smile:

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