The Return of the Ancients [Fan Fic]

Part I: The Blade of Ozar

Ven-Aughtaur, 11th of Newmun, 293rd Year of Orthien


Once, we believed we were alone in this world… And then came the Goblins. And then the Children of Rayya showed up. And then all sorts of other people started appearing out of the woodwork, seemingly for the sole purpose of annoying our diplomats and cartographers. But always, we were the first people to appear in this world…

As it turns out, we may have been wrong about that, too.

Recently, Adrianne Founder, one of our Trappers, stumbled upon an immense Goblin camp at the mouth of a valley. Naturally enough, our warriors cleared them out quickly enough, with but one regrettable but otherwise unimportant casualty, they being but poorly armed and immeasurably stupid Goblins, but, upon further exploration, the valley yielded another secret, one which may potentially have dire ramifications for our world…

Nestled deep within, atop a platform of enchanted granite and marble, a sword stood, impaling both platform and the earth beneath, as though it had fallen from the sky.

Karnak Magnusson, our resident Geomancer, was able to confirm that it predates the founding of our most glorious city by at least 500,000 years, give or take a week, but, due to his love of alcohol, poor hygiene levels and half-breed nature, was unable to muster the wits necessary to be more specific. Fear not, for on the morrow I shall speak with Our Lady Sahlenos about having the dwarf-born mongrel ejected from our lands…

Inscribed upon the outer rim of the dais, written in the Arkanic script, were these words:

Do not touch!!! Property of Ozar, Lord of Midrashim, and Conqueror of Tharinduul. If not claimed by 57201 K.P.L., return to sender immediately… Failure to do so will result in —

The rest is obscured, but I fear that, in touching the sword, we may have started something off something far worse than a mere Goblin Raid or Dwarven brawl…

For if the size of the Blade itself is any indication [our Miners Guild have been labouring for three full days, and have yet to dig to a strata beneath the blade], the one who wields it must be of monolithic proportions… and should Ozar return to reclaim the blade, I fear that, for all our power, we would stand little hope of surviving such an encounter, and with our loss, the entire world would fall into darkness, filth, ignorance and general Dwarvishness. May that horrid day never come…

Acheron Methuselah Kiramonita Lukas Po’Khen Quan Torensson XVII, Loremaster to Lady Sahlenos of Hoth-Goron, Prime Minister of the Nation of Ivastahl, and Governor of Cytos District


Part II Query: The Hammer of Antheros. or the Watcher’s Sanctuary?

Hey, all. Hit a little bit of a snag - I got bored, so I started working on two different Part Two chapters, each of which serves to continue building up to the main event hinted at in Part One [I’m aiming for nine “prelude” chapters to hint at the individual Ancients, and then begin the **_REAL_** story: ]

Both are nearly complete in one aspect, but lacking in the other, so I thought I’d turn to those who are bothering to read this thread in order to ask: Which shall be Part II, and which shall be part III?

Option 1: The Hammer of Antheros

In-game model: 90%: Still working on a few details, but the base model is complete

Lore / Story: 15%: Antheros has existed, in one form or another, since 2006, when I first started writing random nonsense for English classes at school. Intergrating him into an alternate Stonehearth world, while avoiding giving details, as I did Ozar, is… challenging me.

Option 2: The Watcher’s Sanctum

In-game model: 52%: The foundations are laid down, and everything is all planned out… I just have to get enough stone together [259], and wait for my devoted [or not so devoted, since I’ve been kinda shitty to them] Hearthlings to finish building it…

Lore: 87%: I’ve had the Watcher planned for a while - I even [briefly] managed to have a static miniature version of him make a cameo appearance in-game… All I need to think of is what causes the citizens of North Ravensburg to notice him for the first time…

So, let me know via comment which one you think should be presented as Part II, and which one will be preserved for a later date…

This time tomorrow, I will count up any votes that have been cast, and I will be focusing exclusively on that entry [until then, I will be working on both, since I don’t want to have one be caught behind because it won the vote and I was working on the other one :grin:]


I vote for Option 2 The Sanctum to be part 2 for me it hold more mystery to it :slight_smile:

PS: If you want to you can Instantbuild your creations with a console command. I don’t know if you would want something like that but it would perhaps help you to test more buildings for creativity without the waiting time. (you open the console with shift ctrl c then click on the construction of the building and wirte ib in the console then hit enter you can also instant mineout area with clicking on the to be mined area and writiing im in the console)

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I vote for option 2. ALL THE LORE!

Good luck! Series are hard to keep writing, but I hope you can keep this one going to the end,


Option 2 for me as well!

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I will likely end up using IB to finish it, since Hearthlings lack the necessary equipment to finish it on their own, and I’ve not yet seen a pogo stick mod [the Sanctuary has a few floating parts]

*Edit: Sorry, people, but I am bored, and someone[s] has voted, so Part II: The Watcher’s Sanctuary will be arriving today…

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Part II: The Watcher’s Sanctuary

Ochaur, 29th of Newmun, 293rd Year of Orthien


There would be no sleep for the Archons this night… And no sleep for Kalu Darim, either. The old Guardian scratched at one of his newly-acquired scars, and fell to musing on the events of the past week…

It began at the midpoint between the mark of Twivaur and Thrisaur, with an earth-rending explosion that flattened trees, shattered Telemackrosian crystal, and tore the fur right off the local Mammoths, leaving chaos in its path.

Then the beasts began to swarm down from the mountain peaks, where the explosion had originated. Many were now laid out in shrouds, awaiting one of Varenas’ Hierophants to release their souls to the Halls of Judgement. Many others would join them, if the Herbalists faces were anything to judge by. A lucky few, like Darim himself, had escaped with minor injuries… though he would certainly miss his foot.

And now the Archons sought to commune with the Elder, She who ruled All, and obtain wisdom, for the mist-shrouded peaks of Mt. Vrendos were her sacred grounds, and none may venture onto those venerated slopes without her blessing…

As Selendi slowly retreated before Carloc’s burning wrath, the Archons emerged from their chambers, and Kalu straightened to attention.

With a grim smile on his face, the lead Archon made a negating motion. “You need not bow to us, venerable warrior… Not anymore, at least”. Almost immediately, Kalu felt his entire body go numb, as though he had fallen into the Mal’fayt in the middle of winter. The last thing he saw before his mind went blank was that horrid grin…

When next he woke, Kalu felt… heavy. And tall… His thoughts moved like tectonic plates… So it took him a moment to realize that he now stood before the Chamber of Echoes, a massive crowd gathered before him… and the Archons on their platform at his feet… which felt a long way off for a being of 4’2"…

Desperately, he tried to move, but he was trapped, somehow… and he could hear the Archons speaking…
but their voices were muted, as though he listened through a thick wrapping of mammoth hair…

…"and so it was that the Elder, She who rules All, not only gave us her blessing to ascend to the highest peaks of sacred Mt. Vrendos, but has also blessed us with an incarnation of her Eternal glory, which now stands watch over us, and shall accompany us upon our blessed ascent…

Kalu would have looked if he could, but found that his head, like the rest of his body, refused to acknowledge his orders… An Eternal was only summoned, at most, once every ten generations or so…

“…and what of Lord Darim? Why have we not seen him these last three days?”… Kalu recognized the voice, one from the crowd, but he could not put voice to face… “We regret to state that Lord Kalu Darim’s courage failed him, the first night of his ‘disappearance’, and he threw himself from the Ravensgap…” Kalu could hear shouts of disbelief, and wished he could smile…“You lie, Archon Vuldarius! My grandsire would never commit such a cowardly act!”

Now he knew the voice: Kyrena Darim, his daughter’s daughter… He was proud of her. It took great courage to speak to an Archon, let alone speak against one… She would make a fine warrior someday…

Or would have…

The next instant, as though possessed, the crowd, in one motion, took the daggers given them at birth, and eviscerated her.

It was only when the crowd returned to where they had previously stood that they began to move as people would…

And the Archons acted as though nothing had happened… Raw fury surged through Kalu’s heart… and a cry of awe burst forth from the crowd, who now stood bathed in light…

“See now, our Eternal has awakened!” cried the Archon, “and it is Carloc who has blessed it with his power! See how the flames reach towards their eternal father, who lights our world with his scorching might! NOW we depart! Lead us on our sacred path, Eternal child of the Elder and Carloc.” And with horror, Kalu felt his legs begin to move…

Upon reaching the Peak*, Kalu, wading through shards of stone, was presented with a sight that once would have raised horror - An eldritch orb of emerald energy, with a core of bright blue, hovered between four obsidian pillars, each veined with the same energy…

The gasps of shock from the Archons as they crested the final rise only confirmed that this was not what was supposed to be here. It was with some amusement that Kalu heard them uttering prayers to all their ancestors… As if that would help them…

Then one of the more foolish Archons [or brave, it was difficult to tell], slowly sidled up… and touched it. All of Kalu’s instincts screamed at the woman… but his mouth, of course, refused to release these screams… And so he watched, helplessly, as she was dragged through the air into the orb.

The moment her flesh made contact, a thousand screams tore their way out of her throat, and then, with a sound like a bubble of mire water bursting, her body came apart at the seams and scattered across the plateau.

Though this began happening to the other Archons, Kalu’s vision was inexorably drawn to a new figure, one wore a cloak and hood the same colour of its former prison, outlined in the same green energy, one whose image shimmered and warped as though looked at over a blazing hearth on Midwinter’s Eve… one that was stepping down out of the orb, striding over the growing piles of viscera towards the pathway that lead down towards Ravensburg…

But something must have caught its eye…

Or would have.

In the light cast by a fallen torch, the face under the hood was cast into horrifying relief… Where the nose of a humanoid would usually be, there were only slits, burning with emerald fire . Where the mouth would be, there was only a stretch of skin, though the outline of bestial fangs** and crooked jaws could both still be seen… and where the eyes would be, there were only gaping holes, fissures opening up to expose a soul as black as pitch, and ancient as the Void beyond which even the Gods have no power.

And then his voice emerged in Kalu’s head, somehow bypassing all external sources…

How is it you live, stoneling? How is it that this world came to possess the ability to animate their effigies?

It didn’t wait for an answer… but beckoned towards a head… one that decay had already consumed most of the flesh from, but was still recognizable as belonging to Archon Tarikanos. It almost leaped into the creature’s hands, crumbling to dust as it did so. Apparently, the few cranial fragments that made it to the creatures hand satisfied it, however…

Not an effigy, then. One of their own, bound by their cowardice into lifeless rock… if I knew how to, I think I would pity you, Kalu Darim.

Who are you?

Me? No-one, really.

What do I call you, then?

If you must call me anything… I am the Watcher…

*Very little of note occurred during the climb, so I cut that part out…
**If anyone was wondering, these are the sorts of teeth I am thinking of…


Apologies to all for the immense delay, but, sadly, a few major RLE’s got in the way…

Now that that is all over, however, I should be able to continue on with things here.

Thoughts or questions on the last post? Lemme know. If you don’t feel like putting it on the thread, send me a PM.

There will be a poll appearing here sometime today to let people choose the next chapter in a more… formal way than last time :slightly_smiling:


Alright, so the basic idea of this poll is to determine which of the five remaining Ancients [two others are planned, but they are “permanently” set to Chapters 8/9] you would like to see next. This time, you have my word of honor that I will wait at least one day before I count the votes for part 3.:wink:

Please note, I will not be giving massive spoilers, so you will only be able to vote based on the name / title of the Ancient themselves… with a quick note about current plans

  • Antheros / Sunderer
    [current plans: Deep underground, with my take on SH’s most famed subterranean race at this point in the timeline :grin:]
  • Kythera / Immolater
    [current plans: The Pal’Mun Wetlands…?! And their inhabitants, of course :wink:]
  • Tieraluk / Defiler
    [current plans: A lone wanderer trapped upon the Sundered Isle… and the exotic animals that cling to survival there
  • Anau / Hunter
    [current plans: The Tekani Jungle, and the servants of the Three Great Birds]
  • Vort’l Quos / Shaper
    [current plans: A hurricane brewing in the Zarathos Archipeligo… and the ships caught in its path]

0 voters

P.S.: Sorry to give Anau and Tieraluk a head start, but there are no rules saying I can’t vote, right? :smile:


Poll now closed, with a pretty clear winner… Out of curiosity, what stopped Vort’l Quos and Kythera from getting votes?

Shaper actually intrigued me quite a lot, the Immolator just didn’t intrigue me enough. But the other ones just rang closer to my taste. The exotic animals bought my vote.

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well for me the other choices were more “gripping”. Kythea was a maybe choice for me but lost to Anau and Tieraluk. Vort’tl Quos just reminded me of a catastrophe movie (don’t ask me why it was my first thought when I read it) and that wasn’t what I wanted at the moment I choose.

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I was interested in the archipeligo…

Kythera i was interested in, but the 2 I voted were at top for me. :slight_smile:

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Notice… :cry: :disappointed:

This series will be on temporary hiatus while I focus on another project [which some shmuck is paying me for]. Please note that I AM still working on tRotA, it will just be a long time between releases… I do apologize, but I need the money right now.

If you really want to, though, you CAN bug me on Steam [same name as on this site, just with a space between the “n” and the “T”].



Got permission from my boss [who happens to be a member of this community (and wishes to remain… “anonymous”) to show a hint on what I’m working on right now, so here it is [unfinished, without textures, animations or any stuff like that]

It happens to be closely related to one of the Ancients, by the way… I’d be interested to hear any theories :grin:


I have had some free time today, so, to bug you all, I have decided to start working this up in PDF form [via Word]. This will make it easier for me to make quick changes / additions later on…

Eht Nretur of teh Cainnets adn het Trhbi of hte Ihopenx Meepir.pdf (116.6 KB)
Note, all things after Chapter IX aren’t set in stone, so their titles are a little… wonky [no spoilers for you :stuck_out_tongue:]

Also, have a map :slight_smile:


Oops… I appear to have forgotten something on the map:

We can’t have major cities in this province without names, can we?

I will be accepting suggestions for the next two days. Have fun :smiling_imp:

[PS: Does anyone want a rough draft of the World Map to be uploaded? (Please note that this is an ALTERNATE Stonehearth, so geography, topography and choreography might not match TR’s world)]



[Unfinished, of course, but I love teasing you people :smiley: :slight_smile:]
Also, the basic body for [[[REDACTED]]] is done… Just got to work on details and colour, now…


It’s been two days… Nothing? Really? I know people are still reading this, because I’m still getting likes from people [Val’Duz knows why…]. Unless @coasterspaul, @CrazyCandy, @TurtleSquish, @Tamorr, @8BitCrab and @Kagea have all been taken over by Tekanian Brain Pigs seeking revenge…




*hides from the Brain Pigs…

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well I am not so well with ideas, but I like what is presented; soooo I tap a like anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: